Will Omegapayz pay to write articles?

Omegapayz is a business/personal finance blog whose sole aim to alleviate the general public from unemployment and also advocates for financial independence among the youth

A different approach has been put in place to make sure that information related to personal finance, business tips/local business ideas, career counselling, and general information related to lifestyle are disseminated properly and understandably.

The questions are

will Omegapayz pay to write articles?

Yes!! The purpose of this blog is not just to share different business tips and ways to make money, no! We want you to as well benefit from us, make money from us and learn how to manage your income through our finance guide.

Our focus is not on the old but general youth who are interested in writing articles and make passive income daily.

What We Don’t Do

  1. Omegapayz will never ask you to pay before or after writing for them
  2. We will not call you for your account details
  3. We don’t call you to give article topic.
  4. We only give/receive both topics and articles from our mailing address provided on the “write for us” page.
  5. We do not neglect any writer or aspirant. Anybody can request a topic.
  6. we don’t accept any article related to erotics, adult content, drug abuse, etc

Why You Should Write For Us

expertise gives you an edge amongst others but we do not select based on freelance expertise.

We give room for all article writers to come in and present their evergreen content not copied from anywhere

Where Do We Get The Money To Pay?.

Ever since we were stuck in the 2019 economic crash, till now the economy has no direction. A group of wealthy individuals who choose to be anonymous, form an NGO aiming at making an easy paying job for individuals to work remotely in Nigeria. This thought finally brought them(us) to start a blog “omegapayz.com”.

Our money does not come from the blog, government, enterprise, or firm. How we pay you for your work is from the NGO purse(the general contribution of the members).

How Long Will Omegapayz Continue To Pay Her Writers?

We are determined to serve humanity for as long as we remain wealthy. We are in every day trying to augment our resources in order not to stop this great work of creating passive income source for the youth.

Is Omegapayz Legit?

Why it is not a rule of thumb that everybody benefits from freelancing, it has come to our notice that even high school students can make a whole lot of money from an online resource while in school.

This has caused us to create a platform so that college students, graduates, business experts, freelance experts, etc, can make little money for themselves while looking for a job that will meet their standards.

We are here to stay, share with you what you need to know for your survival and answer all your questions. Omegapayz is legitimate and will achieve her aim of putting a smile on everyone’s faces

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