I know that many a time you have come across the word Vlogging. Yes you may have heard about it here and there, but do you know what vlogging really is? If yes then do you really understand how Vlogging actually works and how to make money from it? If your answer is no, then I am delighted to tell you that you have come to the right place! Here we will be discussing everything you need to know about Vlogging including how to start your vlog, make it a successful one and how you can be making a lot of money through VloggingFirst of all, before we delve into the details, we must really understand what Vlogging is all about in order that we may grasp the the full understanding of everything we would discuss further.The word Vlog stands for Video blog or Video log. It is a kind of blog where most of its content are in a video format. As a Vlogger, your main posts should be videos of yourself talking on any subject of your interest.


The main reason for Vlogging is for it to serve as a point that connects people from all around the world. The internet space you would use for your vlog be it YouTube, Tiktok, IG etc are worldwide platforms therefore your audience as a Vlogger is limitless! You can connect with as many people within your reach.


You may ask yourself ” why should I be a Vlogger?” Well, aside from the fact that you Vlogging is a means where you can earn some money, there are other exciting benefits that you might cconsider.


Vlogging is one about of many ways that you can keep yourself creative. Considering the fact that you would have a lot of audience who are interested in what you do, you would be always on alert racking your brain to come up with other new ideas that would excite your audience thereby unleashing your creative abilities which you may have not been were of prior to your being a Vlogger. Creativity is one of the secret spices that keeps or maintains a vlog. Once your audience senses your lack of creativity, your vlog would not be found interesting to them, and considering the fact that there are a of of other vloggers out there who are coming up every day with new ideas to awe their audience.


Another important benefit of Vlogging is that you actually build a relationship with your audience. If your audience actually love what you are doing, that means that they would always be excited whenever you post a new video. Because your audience consistently sees you and what is going on in your life, they would have this strong feeling like they actually know you


If you are one of those out there who believe that you are quite smart or a lot knowledge in a particular field of study and you want the world to notice your ingenuity, then I must say that Vlogging is the right place for you. Vlogging gives you a worldwide platform to demonstrate your intelligence or technical know how on a any subject of your choice. It gives you the opportunity to show off on the world’s stage. This is because, just as I have earlier said, there is no limit to your audience. The platforms for Vlogging are worldwide platforms where the whole world can see you doing what you do best!


If you are interested in Vlogging, and what to go into it, then you must also be informed on the various types categories Vloggers fall into. Basically, there are three main categories of Vloggers


These are Vloggers who designs their Vlogging activity to follow a daily basis system. These Vloggers make sure that they post on their Vlog every day. This means that if you want to go into daily Vlogging, you must choose a Vlogging niche that requires you to come up with new ideas on a daily basis. This is one of the most stressful Vlogging category but, it does not come without its benefits.As a daily Vlogger your audience get to be more acquainted with you and therefore you secure a very strong fan base.


Weekly Vloggers make sure they post on their Vlog every week. If you are interested in weekly Vlogging, you must know that you could follow either of the two patterns most familiar with weekly VloggersThe first kind of weekly Vloggers set a specific day of the week when they would post on their Vlog, so that their audience would know the exact time they should expect an update from themThe send kind of weekly Vloggers do not set a specific day of the week when they would post on their Vlog. They make posts randomly and do not follow any sequence except from posting every week


These are Vloggers who do not follow a daily or weekly sequence. They only post on their Vlogs when they have an inspiration or something to post about. These kind of Vloggers always encourage their audience to always subscribe to their channel in order to always get an update when they make their new posts, because their audience does not have a specific time to expect a post from them.


Okay now, after you are done considering what category of a Vlogger that you want to be, the next thing you should think of is what is actually needed to get your Vlogging started.


As a Vlogger you must have a camera that would be used in recording your videos. You must understand why using your phone’s camera is not so popular for Vloggers. This is because as a good Vlogger one thing you should focus on is the quality of your videos. That is your selling point. Nobody wants to waste his or her time watching some crappy video with a low quality. That is a direct turn off for viewers. No matter how interesting the contents of you Vlogging videos are, you would not have a lot of viewers if you have a crappy video. The quality of your video is the first thing your viewers see when they click on your video. Once your video quality does not suit their standards they would not even bother listening to what else you have to say. This is why a good camera is more than important if you want to succeed as a Vlogger. The camera is the most basic tool in Vlogging.Here are a list of top quality camera’s that you may consider to use for your Vlog

Sony A7Olympus OM-DCannon EOS M50Sony ZV-1Cannon PowerShot G7 XA



Another important tool that you need to start your Vlog shooting is a Tripod stand. The importance of the Tripod stand cannot be over emphasized. This tool is very crucial if you want to create a top notch video. Most Vloggers who do not use a Tripod stand for their videos ( especially Lifestyle or Travel Vloggers who require movements in their videos) battle with the nuisance caused by the shaking of their cameras. This minute disturbance can be send a lot of bad messages to your viewers. Most of your viewers may tag you unserious or unprofessional and would not mean good to your Vlog business. A Tripod stand give your camera a base where it can stand giving you that air of professionalism in your videos


A microphone is very important in shooting your Vlog videos. This is because it amplifies your voice and gives it a very sound base. The microphones that you need for your Vlog videos need to be small sized microphones, probably hidden somewhere in your clothes. This is to give the viewers the impression that there is no actual microphone used in the video. A hidden microphone has a long way to go in proving your professionalism.


In order to have a very nice video for your Vlog you should work on your lighting. A very good lighting will give your video that air of professionalism you seek. In order to set up your lighting, here are a few steps you must take.Set up a key lightThis key light is the main source of light on the sceneSet up your fill lightThis light softens harsh shadows that the key light had cast on the scene


Once you are done getting the necessary tools needed for the Vlog shooting, the next thing to do is to get started with your Vlog. Here are the step by step procedures you should take in order to get achieve success in your Vlogging


This is the first thing you should doz even before you create your YouTube channel. You should find a nich that well suits you, something you can really do. Despite the fact that there are a lot of niches out there that may gain you a lot of viewers, you should select a niche that you are most comfortable with.


When you have successfully chosen a niche, you should then go ahead and create your YouTube channel and a brand to distinguish your channel and make your channel more easier to find


Get your shooting tools ready and go ahead and start Vlogging. For a starter I advice you to first introduce yourself to your audience and also what your Vlog is all about. Secondly it most advisable to write down your content before you go for the video shoot. If you have a difficulty remembering what you have in your content, you can use a Teleprompter


After shooting your video, you should calm down and do a thorough editing of the video to give it that air of professionalism that you desire


As a good Vlogger who is up for success you must learn to communicate with your audience via the comment section. It will give your audience the feeling that they are truly important to you.


Apart from the fact that YouTube would pay you if you have a certain amount of views and subscribers on your channel, there are also other ways you can monetize your channel


Many Vloggers get paid by AdSense for running ads on their Vlog videos. All you need to do is to get an AdSense account to get started


This is another means Vloggers make money. Some companies are ready to pay Vlog owners for letting them advertise their products on their Vlog videos. You should get out there and search for Affliate marketers if you want to monetize your Vlog


This is the easiest way to monetize your Vlog. You simply have to sell a product or render a service that your customers would pay for.

Vlogging is one of the most trending online businesses right now and the good news is: you do not need a huge sum of money to start your Vlog.

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