Plan Opening a betting shop in your area? Here are the 8 profitable Tips you should consider

You were told that opening a betting shop in your area will vomit billions right? Of course, this is true.

While there are underlined open pockets, there are potential profits as well and you have to figure how to seal them to avoid running a profit-oriented, capital intensive business into a stupor and probably close down your betting shop.

The number one open pocket in this business is when a gambler opens a game centre. What on earth will make you run a successful business busy staking without paying from another source when the game is full of failed optimism and expectations?

Betting is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative industries in the country today. The multi-millionaire gambling industry, lucrative as it is expensive.

So before opening a betting shop/ betting centre, there are factors which must be considered. Let’s dig in

Opening a betting shop in your area tip #1. Your Betting Company:

First of all, you must decide which betting company you intend to work with and there are several factors which can influence your decision eg bigger odds, is this company’s website data intensive? and most importantly the commission which the betting company pays it’s agent( or soon to be agent in your case). some of these betting companies are bet9ja, ibet, betking, citybet and much more

This is important because it will determine if you will stay long in business and actually make profit.

While it’s no secret that some betting companies are better than others, they’re all unique in different ways.

Some will go far to ensure that their soon to be agents don’t stress themselves too much financially during the setup of the agent’s shop by providing satellite dishes, decoders, flyers of the respective betting company and sometimes a generator to support the agent.

Opening a betting shop in your area Tip #2. Capital :

If you are looking for a business you can start with zero cash, certainly betting is not a part of it. It is a capital intensive business and requires preparedness that will last for the next year. This approach shows that you are ready for the business.

You also need to ask yourself this questions before thinking of how to get the money or how to spend the money:

  1. Am i opening a small betting shop?
  2. Does my location need a larger betting room?
  3. How many people around the area will likely come for the patronage?
  4. What age range am i targeting and what population percentage settles there?

and other related questions.

While this is an important factor, it somehow influences the size of your shop. Your capital will determine if you will have/run a “Mini” bet shop(Maximum of 2 cashier) or a “Mega” shop(Minimum of 3 cashiers, constant electricity and a viewing center)

Opening a betting shop in your area Tip #3. Location :

opening a betting shop in your area
betting shop

Location matters a lot when it comes to opening a betting shop, you wouldn’t want to open a Mega shop in the suburbs or outskirts of a big town or city, that’s a sure guarantee to kill your business.

Location within the town or in the middle of a big city will guarantee clients, mostly football fans

Opening a betting shop in your area Tip #4. Electricity :

Falls under location but it’s important as well, you will want to open your shop in a location with a guarantee of at least 5 – 10 hours of “constant” electricity.

Now here’s why, a location with 5 hours or more of electricity will lessen the expenses you WILL incur as a bet agent, this expense being mainly Fuel to run your generator(generating plant)

Stay tuned as we will complete this article in stages.

Ask questions and comment what you really us to cover regarding opening a betting shop in your area.

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