10 Best online platforms that can make you money easily

This article will tell you some of the best online platforms that can make you money in no time. There are so many lucrative sidehustle that are still untapped but pays like blood money

You can earn a living from these platforms by trying something out with zero to as small as a few dollars or Nairas.

I have been searching all the web just to discover that there is no detailed information on this topic and I wish this does not come yet another crappy one!

Before we start, do you know how people make money online? No!, yes! maybe!

You might not even be sure whether what you think is the right one, yes! It is,

There are thousands of ways you generate income online and yours is one of them.

This article will not concentrate on how to make money online, no! Since you already know how to make money online, I am going to tell you some of the online platforms that can make you money and I know that some of these I’ll list here, you may not have heard of it.

Trust me, I have made money in each of these platforms directly and indirectly.

If you want to know how to make money from each of these platforms I will list them here, do well to check it out in the blog by clicking their links or searching the blog.

Without any further ado, I will be listing these platforms in order of categories and here I have just 10 categories that will feature some group of online platforms that can make you money

The 10 online platforms that can make you money are listed below and our sub platforms could be in any of these category of family

  1. E-commerce
  2. Affiliate
  3. Referral
  4. Freelance
  5. Programming
  6. App&Game
  7. Cryptocurrency
  8. Stocks Exchange
  9. Forex
  10. Ads publishers

Let’s deeply look at some of these online platforms that can make you money. going though all of them will make the article bulky and i know that you don’t like reading 15mins long article

That being said, i will concerntrate on the ones i know it best for me


As you already know Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms where you can make money from selling, referring buying and working as well.

Buyers all around the globe orders products from Amazon which makes it a perfect place to market your products.

Also, they offer a very competitive price for all authentic products. Credibility and trustworthiness have to make amazon a reliable source to get products across the united states and other countries.


Useful for freelancers, this is also a well-known website. Knowledge in digital animation is a plus.

Someone who lacks these skills can hire you to earn some extra money by working for someone who lacks these abilities. It’s even better if you’re willing to do some web research for someone else in exchange for some quick cash.

It is possible to make a lot of money through the site, says Dan Bochichio of Albany, New York-based Bocain Designs, a two-person company.

As a result of Fiverr, he claims, his company makes $3,000 to $5,000 every month. My Fiverr profile and gig descriptions are properly written and clearly express the value of the services I’m offering in order to stay competitive.

My goal when someone contacts me is to respond swiftly and follow up with a series of well-phrased questions. If you respond quickly, but wisely, the odds of them hiring you go up dramatically,” Bochichio advises.

Fiverr’s name derives from the fact that many people used to work for $5 a task, notwithstanding Bochichio’s success. You can (and probably should) ask for more, but many of your potential clients will expect you to work for free.


Youtube isone of the online platforms that can make you money silently. It does require your time but not money

You can do whatever you like on youtube and make money from it solong it is coverage and published on the platform.

There are lots of ways to make money from youtube. And untill you read it up, you might not know it.


Website: https://www.gazelle.com

online platforms that can make you money

This site allows you to sell your old cellphones, iPads, and other electronic devices (such as PCs and iPads).

For your device, the website will make you an offer in the form of cash. If you accept, we’ll provide you packaging supplies to help you protect your goods.

Gazelle pays the shipping charges, and you’ll wait for a cheque in the mail, a gift card in the mail, or cash deposited into your PayPal account before receiving payment.

While you won’t make a fortune, selling an unwanted equipment is better than leaving it on a shelf collecting dust. It’s also significantly more eco-friendly than disposing of it in a landfill.

It’s a smooth process from start to finish, as you could anticipate but One drawback is that the price for what it will pay may be drastically reduced if you turn in a phone that doesn’t meet Gazelle’s expectations.

Gazelle, on the other hand, will mail your phone back to you free of charge if you choose them. The only thing you’re really risking is your time, and that’s not much.


This platform is also where you can buy and sell items. You make more money if you are selling your products because they have a huge traffic daily.

there are other monetary benefits you’ll get from eBay. You can read more on their site.


Jumia is an African based e-commerce platform. The good thing about jumia is that they provide individuals with ad codes that can be published both o social media and on the website.

If you are social media enthusiast, you can make money from jumia by joining their ads community. you will be given a sponsored ads to promote and make money


Website: https://www.swap.com

online platforms that can make you money

Swap is a similar online consignment business to ThredUp. Used clothing, toys, and games can be sent to Swap, which will then sell them for you.

According to Swap.com, if an item sells for less than $10, you’ll receive 30 percent of the selling price back in Swap.com credit, or 20 percent in cash.

A 50 percent credit or 40 percent cash back is available if your item sells for between $10 and $20. A 70 percent credit or 60 percent cash will be given if it sells for more than twenty dollars (USD).

Rejection of clothes is possible, as it is with ThredUp, and you will either not receive them back or pay a price to get them back.


This platform helps you to sell your used items very easily without struggling to find buyers who will patronise you.

All you need is to register with them and sell anything you feel can fetch you money.

Note you only pay for a premium service on this platform. This means that you can sell your products without paying anything unless you want the premium service.


Website: https://cardsell.app

online platforms that can make you money

You can sell gift cards on this website, which is very popular in the United States.

Maybe you have unused gift cards from last Christmas that you don’t think you’ll use.

So tell CardSell what you have, and they’ll make you an offer, and if you accept, you may exchange it for cash or another gift card.

Sending gift cards to CardSell is free, and the process is straightforward.

As a result, your gift card value will not be maximized. Consider asking yourself: Is there anyone I can sell this to?


Website: https://olist.ng

Olist is another platform just like Jiji. they operate on the same model and also have a pool of visitors.

You can either choose to market your product on one of these platforms or both.


Website: https://www.upwork.com

As a meeting platform, Upwork allows businesses and freelancers throughout the world to interact and collaborate on certain tasks.

Writers, web designers and SEO campaign managers are just a few of the many services that businesses use freelancers for.

Fee ranges from 5 percent to 20 percent on Upwork, however the more money you make, the lower the commission.

People who are new to the site may have difficulty finding job because the site is so popular.

Merch by Amazon

Website: https://merch.amazon.com

online platforms that can make you money

To make money on the side, John Frigo, an affiliate manager for a website called MySupplementStore.com, creates T-shirt designs.

In addition to Merch by Amazon, he sells on Redbubble.com and other venues.

According to Frigo, you may simply upload your designs and receive payment. When graphic designers upload T-shirt designs, the process is largely passive.

They are paid a royalty for each one of their designs that sells, but they don’t have to deal with returns, customer support, or shipping,” Frigo adds.

Note: You’re unlikely to become wealthy. Merch by Amazon, for example, provides examples of royalty costs.

For a $15.99 T-shirt, the royalty would be $2.21. It’s still easy money once you’ve done the hard effort of developing the piece. So long as someone buys your T-shirt.


An online platform that serve as an alternative to holding a yard sale, OfferUp may be your best option.

Take a picture of what you have and price it. Hopefully, someone nearby will like what you have and send you a message.

Then you can meet – in public, as OfferUp’s website encourages – and get paid. As a result, OfferUp also allows sellers to send things to customers by regular mail or courier service.

If you’re meeting a buyer to sell anything, make sure you’re meeting him or her in a public area.

You don’t know who you’re dealing with, and you don’t know what to expect.

This is what OfferUp advises on its website: “Never assume your safety based on the fact that someone has bought or sold online.

You’re responsible for your own safety, so take prudent measures when you organize a meeting.

Please dial 911 or your local emergency number in the case of an emergency or a threat to your safety.”

Although whatsapp has a huge community, you can also make good money on whatsapp with this tricks the same way you would have on offerup


If you have any challenge as o whjat we havc listed so far, do well to comment below.

If you think your business can make us money, let us know as well so our readers can benefit from it.

This article is focused on online business that can make you money so let us know which one is paying you now

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