How to start a poultry business in Nigeria| Is poultry business profitable? Here are the top 10 step-by-step guides.

One of the lucrative business here in this part of Nigeria is poultry business. In this post, I will show you how to start a poultry business successfully. I won’t even wait for you to ask me “is poultry business profitable”?.

You asked me to write on how to start a poultry business. The good news is that I am a seasoned poultry farmer with about 3 years of experience now and this business has done a lot for me.

I will be giving you a detailed guide on how to start a poultry business anywhere so do not skip a line and miss a thing.

What am covering in this post at is mostly related to broilers birds and not any other birds tho there are some similarities .

Is poultry business profitable?

Yes, the Poultry business is profitable such that nothing goes unsold. Same as I told you about the copper wire business that everything can be sold even the burnt copper wires(scrap), same is done in poultry. The dungs(shits, anal waste) which is supposed to be disposed properly can be sold and you make money from it.

I never regretted starting a poultry farm and you will not as well so stick with me lets start.

How to start a poultry business that will be successful

First of all, note that you have to be there to follow all these steps yourself. Do not send someone an isolate yourself because you have money. This is always the starting point of failure. A lot of people failed especially when preparing their poultry farm. There is a lot of nitty-gritty in preparing a poultry farm. Tho we have covered this preparation, we will follow step after step

#1 Have a plan to start

You must have had the plan of starting a poultry business that is why you are here. If so, you are on the right track as this post will show you how to start a poultry business successfully but if you are just meeting this post by chance and you don’t want to read it, that’s fine. Just comment down on what you are looking for and we promise to make a detailed and step by step guide for you.

But if you are now interested, have a plan first and know why you want to come in then proceed from there

Having a plan on how to start a poultry business gives you a focus and direction towards your goal. This will keep your mind aligned in the success of the business.

Your plan should not target the “get rich quick” route. We have a post on how to make quick money to solve a pressing need instantly but poultry business won’t do that now. It requires a minimum of 6 weeks to 8 weeks to start making the money if you follow these steps am going to share.

#2 Set up the poultry farm

ducklings, young, cute-how to start a poultry business in Nigeria| Is poultry business profitable

How to start a poultry business properly begins from setting up your poultry farm. The location of your farm should not be too close to the resident and should not be too far from a resident. It could be somewhere in the compound but 3 to 5 meters away from the house. This is to prevent odor, viruses, insects, etc from entering the house.

Never locate your poultry farm where nobody lives. This will attract thieves. You will not have the full time to take care of these birds especially at night if you noticed a mishap.

Do not take your poultry farm to the bush or forest where you have land(except you want to pay for security services). You can rent a nearby uncompleted building if you do not have a space near your house.

#3 prepare the poultry farm

Here is where the bulk of work dwells. I will try my best to explain this step by step.

Let’s start with

  1. The floor: Concrete floor is the best for poultry. It is very strong and affordable to prepare. Tiles, pans, cast, and plates could be a bit expensive, they are also good. Never try to floor your farm with sand, carpet, wood or leave it to remain like that. If you do, your birds when mature will eat up the wood, sand, carpet… This will cause the birds to
    1. defecate blood
    2. Lose weight
    3. Die instantly. Carpet is good for day-old birds in that you will not need to pour sawdust on the floor for them and will help you to wash the dungs and keep their environment clean easily.
  2. The roof: Having done the floor, roofing plays an important role in securing your birds. Ensure that the roof and connected walls are completely sealed. There should be no room for water drops, snakes, rodents, etc. The connected walls should either be covered with a nest or sealed with bricks atop. When this is done, you are free from cats and snakes(they love birds and eggs.
  3. Drinkers, trays, feeders, charcoal pots, and lighting should be made available in appropriate quantities.
  4. The room: Depending on what type of birds you want to take care of e.g broilers, layers, local birds, cockerels, etc their room setting are all different.
  5. Outside the room: Before putting the birds, you have to do the following:
    1. Have connected gutters at the four corners of your farm in such a way that one side of the gutter wall is the building and the other is a small steep(this is how to set poultry farm ). Make sure clean water flows round in the gutter. This will not allow crawling things to go into the farm.
    2. Spray around the building with insecticides a week time before onboarding new birds( do not forget to treat the trays, feeders, drinkers)
    3. Clear weeds around the farm to prevent dangerous animals

#4 secure your poultry farm

Security starts from inside to outside. If you have done all your farm preparation, it means your birds are safe from insects, rodents, and dangerous animals. What remains now is the human. Ensure that your poultry door is well screened into the frame and the locks are formidable. Not everyone has the entitlement to enter your farm with or without permission. Be very watchful and also be prayerful in your course of business.

#5 prepare your marketing strategy

Having prepared your poultry farm, I means that your farm and accommodate poultry any moment from now.

Prepare your marketing model. If you want to sell based on

bookings: People book your birds even before they are 2 weeks old. They need all of it and your duty is to take care of the birds till maturity and they pay you off afterwards.

As ordered: You are not booking here. All you do is grow your birds when they get to a certain age, say 6 weeks old you start selling to whosoever comes to buy

Distribution: You mobilize your birds when due to different customers you have in different locations. This is not always the case in that most of your customers will not be loyal to you .

Frozen: You only sale frozen birds to your customers. This is your own model that nano customer buys live chicken from you

Dead/alive: Here you only sell either the ones you have killed or the ones that are still alive. Killed but no evisceration.

Prepared, etc. :You must prepare the birds by removing all the feathers, and hairs. Make it ready for chopping and cooking. Not frozen.

Any how you want to market your product is up to you and the environment matters a lot.

#6 book for your day old chicks

After you have crossed all the I’s and dot all the T’s, you are now set to get your birds. Go ahead and book for your day-old birds. Note it will take at most 2-3days to arrive.

chicken, baby chick, yellow chicken-how to start a poultry business in Nigeria| Is poultry business profitable

There are ways you can book and get the next day. Kindly go to the nearest poultry shops and know when they get their birds for distribution. If the distribution is on Monday, book your birds on Saturday. If it is on Tuesday, book on monday and so on.

You can also book your birds online. Afrimash

Poultry plaza


The list go on and on.

If you ask “which breed should I buy”? I will advise that you book for CHI, Chikun and Sunchi. this breeds are always very rewarding.

#7 Buy feed, drugs, and sawdust

Oh you are spending too much! How do you start a poultry business without initial cost on expenses in mind?

Your birds won’t come and stay hungry so do not complain about the expenses. You will get them back in the first two rounds.

Get the right feeds and drugs for you birds. If you need a detailed guide on “How to take care of birds from day old to maturity successfully”, comment below and we will get it done ASAP!!

As I was saying, get the feed(breed well is what I use) and get different drugs(cholera, vitamin, etc) for your coming birds.

Get sawdust ready in huge quantity(this can be done after the birds might have grown two weeks old)

Note: day-old birds should not use sawdust as this won’t give them more freedom. Carpet is better

#8 proper heat is required

remember day old birds are coming from the hatchery(incubator) and this requires nursing same as a mother would take care of her child.

The essence of the charcoal pot is to help generate heat if there is no power supply in your farm.

Day-old birds need the heat of about 30°C. Never keep the room open and cold.

The room must be small and compacted so the birds feel each other’s body temperature. This keeps them warm always.

#9 start selling at 6 weeks old minimum

After your birds are about 2 weeks old, you can now move them to the sawdust zone where they have more space to grow and grow and grow.

Feed them there for about 4 more weeks and start selling.

Remember to change the sawdust every 4 days to one week to prevent odor and viruses.

#10 repeat the strategy from step 5 to 9

After selling they first set and you are ok with it, I will advise that you have a chain uploading. What I mean by this is that every two weeks, as you remove the first birds from the nursery, put another. This way you won’t lack birds in your farm and customers are always happy with that.


I want to apologize because I know I haven’t covered everything that needs to be touched here. It will be a very lengthy post and I don’t want anybody to get tired of my wired stories.

Do well to ask your question in the comment section below and I will answer to your satisfaction. Also if you know better, do well to add some tips so people can learn and I can as well learn new thing.

Is poultry business profitable to you?

How did you start your poultry business?

What’s your advise to those who want to start?

Please comment below and don’t forget to share this..

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