11 Tips on how to start a laundry and dry cleaning business | Is the laundry/dry cleaning business profitable in Nigeria?

Laundry is a basic need of man. You will always carry out laundry daily or weekly. The service of a dry cleaner will always come in handy when you are too busy to wash and this makes the laundry/dry cleaning business very lucrative.

In this post “how to start laundry and dry cleaning business”, we will be looking at three categories of individuals.

  1. Low-level laundry: You have very little to no capital to start a dry cleaning business. Employment is not done here because you are the only person running your business.
  2. Medium level laundry: You have a good amount of money that will help you start a dry cleaning business. Employment here is less than 10
  3. Established laundry: In this category, you are going into machinery. You have enough money to buy lots of machines in that you only need operators. Here, employment could go as much as your establishment needs manpower

You can read all of them but i will advise that you stick to the one that resonate with you.

I also have a post on how you can start a phone business. Alright without any further delay, let’s start!

What Is a laundry and dry cleaning business about?

It is one of the lucrative yet untapped business in Nigeria.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business

You wash clothes, bed sheets, duvet, and get paid for the service you rendered. This is laundry for you but when you start pressing the clothes(ironing), it is o longer laundry only! you have attached dry cleaning to it.

Laundry never works alone, no you won make money. but when attached with dry cleaning, you make good money daily. Therefore, I will be showing you step by step how to start a laundry and dry cleaning business whether you have huge, little or no money at all.

Is laundry/dry cleaning business profitable?

There are lots of eyewitness proof I could share with you, if you doubt, I could send a screenshot of some transactions I made to a laundryman just to tidy an event decoration materials.

This business is very lucrative and you can earn a leaving doing just this. If you are booked by companies to do the service on a contract basis(this is for an established laundry service providers), you are better than some of the oil workers.

Take for instance you have to wash one cloth for $1, if you wash 1,000 pieces of clothes in a day you are making $1,000 using free water and $10 worth of detergent.

This post will not cover steps to washing and dry cleaning your clients’ materials with limited cost. If you need to know, kindly let us know in the comment section.

11 Tips on how to start a laundry and dry cleaning business

When you are settled and feel it’s time to take responsibility, thoughts and different business ideas will hover in your mind. If you are not careful, you will jump in quick and also jump out really quick. Luckily you are here before even starting a laundry business in your yard.

Tip #1: Think and plan to start

Whenever I give a guide to starting a business, you will notice that I always want you to have a plan and think about it first. Business is not rocket science, to be honest. competitor losses don’t mean you will win.

Always think of starting first before you jump in. If you know about 70% cons and 5% pros and you are sure of breaking even, go ahead and start.

Plan you r capital, your terms of patience, how you will want to operate it etc. Just plan.

Tip #2: Draft out your business model

65% of successful business have a laid down business model. This include but not limited to:

  1. What will your initial capital be: This is a clear note that you are either of the three categories stated earlier. Never try to please anyone when you don’t have what it takes to stand the taste of time. Your initial capital should not be the total money you have in your account, a fraction of it is set to start. This helps you cover miscellaneous over time. Remember you are not yet a stand-alone so keep extra money because no one will want to help you.
  2. what will be the size of your laundry room: Obviously, you know you are a very small laundry service, you don’t need a 5 bedroom flat to pitch your tent. You can start in your house directly. But if you are coming as a middle or big firm, you must be a deep pocket kind of guy! Get a good well-spaced room to set up your machines and other utilities.
  3. Who will be your initial customers: If you don’t know your initial customers, they are your friends, relatives. neighbours, church members, colleagues in school, workplace, etc.
  4. How will you get other customers: YOu might be thinking that signpost or flex will do that, right? This century, sigh post helps client locate you after you have already promoted the business via another advertising platform. Google ads have a very targeted audience, Facebook also has a target audience of ads. other social media can help, utilize them if you want to be successful in any business.
  5. What will make you different from others: This is always where people get stocked in that they are not after solving problems but making money. Try to think of what you can do to make the service even easier and more beneficial. Think of getting the clothes and delivering them to them yourself. Think of having a website where they can get all the bookings done and you only need to check and get the job done without even knowing who the person is. If you are interested in having a website and you don’t know what to do, we can help you via our services
  6. What will your business name be: When you have a business name registered with CAC, you have a better chance of winning contracts. Think of a business name, add it to your plan list, get it registered and make an exploit with your name. Please mind the name you give your shop. It is not a church or a school, lolz!
  7. What are your marketing strategies: Apart from getting customers to wash clothes, what other market do you intend to service? This question brought us to “what is your marketing strategy”.Jeff Bezos, owner of amazon e-commerce started selling just books. Now he has grown to have one of the biggest e-mall. Try and think of what you can add in line with the laundry to grow. it could be a little relaxation centre, swimming pool, game room, etc. just what can keep people coming to know you.
  8. How are you going to deal with tough times: Have at the back of your mind that a time will come and you will want to close your business because you can handle the situation. Think of this time and plan.

When this is set, you are no longer a totally blind man in the business. please study them and know your direction. Come to think of this, how will you start a laundry/dry cleaning business the same way Alibaba did when he started the fortune 500 company?

Tip #3: Gauge whether or not your model resonate with your Total capital

When you now have your business model, check if the model actually fits your Total capital. If not, make some adjustments. If you are thinking of how to start a laundry and dry cleaning business, you have to follow these steps through the article is much. You can skip some of this if you know already.

Tip #4: Choose a nice location

how to start a laundry and dry cleaning business is not really a problem. Do you have a good location? Forget that people will say location doesn’t matter that’s a lie! This doesn’t mean you won’t still have good traffic but are you willing to pay for it?

If it is your apartment fine, convert the rent money to ads money. promote the business to each people’s eyes. Remember to promote with your unique service or else they may not come.

If you are paying for rent, please look for a location near hotels, banks, offices, etc

Tip #5: Set up your laundry/dry cleaning room and environment

Hold on! Have you done your signpost already? perhaps no, Get your flex or signpost ready because you will need to set it up for the location.

how to start a laundry and dry cleaning business

Clean the environment and paint your laundry room white. of course, it is a holy place haha. This is to ensure that dirt is minimised and also promote your laundry hygiene when inspecting for the contract.

get all the basic working tools listed below you can add more if you are middle-level laundry or a deep pocket laundry

  1. Detergents specifically for laundry. Please avoid soda soap and hard detergents
  2. Washing basins to help you soak clothes and wash
  3. washing machine to speed up the washing process
  4. Pressing irons for making a good finish
  5. Ironing table. It could be ant table but you have to be comfortable ironing with it
  6. Nylon and tags for packaging after the washing and ironing
  7. Garment conveyor to hang clothes
  8. hangers for the conveyor
  9. Shelves to store folded clothes
  10. Power generator to power the machine and iron when there Is no power supply from the power station
  11. starch and bleaching agent for a good finish

Tip #6: Inform nearby people about your startup

Go about and let neighbours know about your laundry and dry cleaning services. Inform friends, family and church members to share in your open discount. They will be glad to take part.

Prepare flyers and distribute them to unknown people around that area, houses, schools, churches and event centres that are located close to your laundry. The information will escalate from this start point.

The best place you can get more information across in your area is schools, churches,and event centres.

Tip #7: Get your business registered

Most of the successful laundry and dry cleaning business tycoons get most of their money from contracts. You can only key into that space if you have your business registered with the corporate affairs commission(CAC). It doesn’t take ahead to register your business name in Nigeria.

If you want to know the process, please leave a comment below and we will give you a detailed step by step guide to register your business name.

Not just contract base work, you can benefit from the federal government some day.

Tip #8: Go social

Social media is a free and top-notch advertising platform. Promote your business on them. I have written about how you can make money from WhatsApp and promoting your business is one of them, check it out.

Design a call for action flyer, post it on social media. tell your friends to post as well. You can even hook up up to share for you. You can also book a space here in omegapayz blog.

Remember to add a fair and competitive price in the ads. this will clear doubt and they will want to try your service.

Cheers! you now have lots of patronages. Do not forget to always surprise your customers with gifts and compliments when necessary.

Tip #9: Apply for contract jobs

Contract jobs are everywhere and if you haven’t gotten one please hit me up. There are few things you are not doing well.

successful laundry services operate more of contract than menial sine they can charge double per wash

Tip #10: Ensure good service and customer care

Always remember to say thank you! to your customers. So many businessmen and women have forgotten the saying that customers are always right.

Some of your customers will screw up that you have not done what they told you to do, all you need to do is to answer them responsibly and not raise a voice. Try not to lose a customer in your first two years.

Tip #11: Remember to Insure your Business

Insurance protects you and your business against damages and losses. What will you do if there is a fire outbreak that incessantly disrupts your business? How will you pay off the customers property? How are you going to recover from this menace?

Where can i insure my business?

The national insurance commission(Naicom) has a long list of insurance companies you can getyour business registered to. Part of this is this screen shot below

how to start a laundry and dry cleaning business

Stanbic IBCT provides General and life insurance as well to people You can check their insurance cover at the Stanbic insurance services

All these questions are worth considering before starting a business. Insurance covers you against all this loss. Your machines, clothes, shop, customers clothes, accessories, building, your life and every other thing could be recovered through insurance services.

I believe I have solved the problem of “how to start a laundry and dry cleaning business”? It has been a general study so far.

“I have gone through this study but I have not seen how to start a laundry and dry cleaning business at a low level, how to start a laundry and dry cleaning business at a medium level or how to start a laundry and dry cleaning business at a higher level”.

It has been stated in here. i will explain a little bit further

how to start a laundry and dry cleaning business in Nigeria at a low level

how to start a laundry and dry cleaning business
Home laundry

Remember i divided this post into three categories of start-ups , do you? This one is for low level starters.

Try and follow all the steps from 1 – 10. do not bother about the CAC and paid adverts. You don’t need a washing machine and other expensive items.

All you need is

  1. A shop,( could be your parlour)
  2. Washing basin (you can start with a bathing bucket)
  3. detergents, bleach, and starch
  4. Hangers and a line to hang. Do not bother about the conveyor
  5. Iron and table.

Those five is ok to start a very simple laundry shop. Ensure you utilize the internet very well because this could be your breakthrough. Never doubt the power of the net.

how to start a laundry and dry cleaning business at middle level.

Get all the necessary items a low level staff could get. This are the basics.

Get these additional items

  1. Proceed to buy one washing machine. You can get it from Jumia.
  2. Get a conveyor for your hangers
  3. Get your business registered with cooperate affairs commission (CAC)
  4. Get your shop in a good location
  5. Have a good ironing system. Though your shop will be a bit compacting, make the room accessible.
  6. Your finish should be encouraging
  7. Remember social media and Omegapayz ads space

how to start a laundry and dry cleaning business at a very large level

All you need to do is an advance form of what low level and medium level laundry have to do.

Get a bigger washing machine and more than one

In addition to that, you will need a spinning and a drying matching.

You will need a bigger power generator

You need to have a reception office to welcome and number new listings.


I have exhausted what I kept in store for you and now I will be waiting to respond to different question, comments and…

How can I start a successful laundry? Please share this post, comment and sigh up for newsletter

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