How to start a cake baking business from home. 15 best tips to starting the business plus a guide to making cake

Have you been wondering how a cake is made or think of how to make some for family consumption during breakfast? or you do not want to spend on your daughter’s birthday cake? Perhaps you want to start a business from home.

That’s fine! But think of it, Why should you be paying for birthday cake when it is fairly much easy to prepare right in your home?

In this article, you will learn the tricks of making a sumptuous cake meal for your family and how to start a cake baking business from home.

If you had never known, the cake is one of the easiest delicacies you can prepare. In less than an hour in the kitchen, your family breakfast is set and enjoyed properly, yes it is! But you know what? it is not a “get up and do”.
You have to go down, get your hands dirty and get acquainted with some items that will be needed to prepare the cake and the best practices in cake baking.

This article will try to kill two birds with one stone. First of all, settle those who want to know how to prepare the cake. Then we will look at how to start a cake-baking business for those who are interested in making a business out of it.

Let’s get started!

Introduction to baking


in the early days, processing cereal grains probably involved parching or roasting dry grain seeds.  Cooking whole or broken grains with water over the years was later seen to improve Flavour, texture, and digestibility, forming gruel or porridge. This was the method used to prepare udo bread (small flattened round pieces of bread)

More sophisticated versions of flatbread are now available which are made of processed corn and} wheat.

Baking techniques improved rapidly with the development of enclosed baking utensils like sand pots, tripods, and tin pots with sand packed inside. Then ovens came later, making possible thicker baked cakes or loaves as a result of fermentation.

When you use dry heat to cook( e.g heat from the oven), we call that baking. That simple!  I will leave a video down for you to watch in case you are not the reading type

The video below from cake plus chops & events ventures will give you an overview of the whole items needed for your cake whether for business or household consumption.

How to start a cake baking business from home – what items do I need to know!

Some of the baking tools and ingredients we will be using to cover this training session are:

Baking ingredients and measurements

  • 1 pack of 250g butter
  • 3 cups of flour
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 6 eggs
  • 1/4 tablespoon of vanilla
  • Lemon or dry gin
  • A pinch of salt
  • 3 tablespoons of baking powder

Prices for some ingredients(these prices may vary in locations)

Note that all prices are in Naira

  • Flour = 500
  • Butter = 250
  • Egg = 300
  • Baking powder = 550
  • Salt = 100
  • Sugar = 150
  • Vanilla = 200
  • Milk = 300

Except you are using the electric oven but If you are using gas, make a budget of N2000(it will not finish).

I don’t have an oven! What should I do? 

I do understand that things are whisky these days and products prices skyrocketing without regrets. Anyway, I have compiled a step by step guide on how to start a cake baking business from home without an oven. drop a comment below if you are interested and I will send it to your mail directly

Baking tools

  1. Spatula:
  2. Rolling pin
  3. Whisk
  4. Pastry brush
  5. Measuring cups
  6. Measuring spoons
  7. Bowls
  8. Pastry cutter
  9. Baking pans
  10. Muffing cupcake pans

While the above tools are for home services and small business startups, If you are planning to start a cake baking business proper and big, here is an 11 minutes video that will list about 35 baking tools you should have.

Where to buy these items? We have an affiliate store you can shop your products and enjoy 90% on most of our products. visit the store here. Ensure to search for the product name and buy from a list of our catalogue.

Cake Preparation process

If you have gotten everything you need to prepare your cake, I am going to give you a brief step by step guide on how to get things done.

First, start by setting up your items and get them ready for the cake baking process.
Make sure they are clean and free from sand and dirt as little pinch if sand will spoil the cake edibility.

Thoroughly stir the butter and sugar in a bowl to properly mix and become greased. When this mixture turns white due to rigorous stirring, add your eggs bit by bit until it becomes creamy.

“Make sure you add a fraction of your egg and stir every one minute of proper stirring till you obtain the required creamy nature. Also, ensure that you maintain a one-directional stir”.

All dry ingredients should first blend with dry and liquid ingredients blends with liquid

When mixing, dry ingredients like flour, baking powder, salt, etc, should be mixed and liquid ingredients such as vanilla, the creamed butter and sugar, eggs, etc should be mixed also separately.

This ensures that everything is properly mixed to avoid having some cupcakes more delicious than others or having excess ingredients.

Now that you are done with the dry and liquid mixture, it is time to mix everything and am sure you have done that already!

Go ahead and mix everything and ensure a seamless mixture.

Put the mixture into moulds (pans) and power on the oven. Do not put it in the oven just yet, wait until the oven is about a certain temperature is reached say 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Most cakes bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Reducing the temperature to 325 degrees is all you need to do to get a flat-topped cake.

Since you’ve lowered the oven temperature, you have to know that your cake will now take a little longer to bake than if it were to be at a normal temperature. Reducing oven temp by 25 degrees will require you to increase baking time by approximately 1/2. Here’s an example:

Bake at 350 degrees for 30 min → Bake at 325 degrees for 30 min + 15 min = 45 minutes total

That was just a brief step to baking a cake, It is ok if you find it difficult to understand. If you need a step by step guide on how to bake a cake,  put a comment down below and I will surely get this guide ready otherwise, let’s start what we are here for! AKA the main deal, ” How to start a cake baking business from home”

How to start a cake baking business from home and make a good amount of money

You have this incredible skill and want to establish a business around it.  How come you did not start over the years?  “It is not possible to start a cake business from home, nobody will recognise you“.

It borders me a lot when I planned to start a cake baking business not until I saw a friend having an online kitchen, wow! I was astonished how a food business can be done with the family cooking pots and in the same kitchen. She was a life changer to me.

I no longer think about how to start a cake baking business from home, school, shop, etc. I make my money how I like, when and where I like.

Today you will learn a distinctive business idea and how to start a cake baking business from home with very little or no capital.

How to start a cake baking business Tip #1. Have a cake baking business plan

We will cover the following in this tip

  • What are the startup and ongoing costs?
  • Who is your target market?
  • How much can you charge customers?
  • What will you name your business?

When starting any business, it is pertinent that you consider the ongoing cost and figure how to adjust the price.  Any business requires money and time while some will likely convert money for time or time for money

Start a company and make a business plan. Everyone wants to skip this half and keep cooking, but this is very, very important.

Ask yourself this:
How much does it cost to make your product, and how much can you sell?
Do you sell?
But are you going to market yourself?
Do you have any requirements for your products in your area? What kind of competition will it face?
However, are your competitors’ products comparable to yours in terms of cost and quality?

Your business plan shows whether your business is profitable. It’s worth making a plan, not just banging your head against the wall for months wondering why your business isn’t working. Set costs in advance. It is easier to start at the right level than at a small scale. So wait for your customers.

Understand as soon as you start to increase prices. Would you like to spend $20 to bake 10 cakes or $200 to bake one cake? Work smarter, not harder. You own your business regardless.

It can provide excellent customer service while still being important to your business policy. Don’t throw the sheets into the wind. You are the captain of this ship. So don’t let your company or business control you.

Often, a home business can be overwhelming because you have been working. Don’t be afraid to switch your phone to voicemail or save emails until tomorrow to get an answer. When every awake moment is changing

How to start a cake baking business Tip #2. License and Registration for food-related businesses

Your state’s food laws or NAFDAC (if you are in Nigeria), may require you to complete a food expert or food manager course.

How to start a cake baking business with nafdac

Food safety is essential to your business. If you are sick, your business may never recover. It is easy to ensure food safety, but housekeeping is very important. We try to keep your children and pets away from the kitchen during school, even if your state may not need it.

Though you might do away with this part if you are running a very small confectionery/cake business else, Failure to obtain the necessary permits and licenses may result in huge fines or the possible closure of your business. Check the food regulations in your country.

Here is a list for Nigerians

How to start a cake baking business
List of different foods to be registered

State and national business licenses must ensure that control of the confectionery business also requires state permits and licenses. They need to levy consumption tax on the products or services they provide.

However, sales tax will affect your business. You can leave a comment to learn how to register with NAFDAC in Nigeria or Google it to learn more about Licensing and permits.

How to start a cake baking business Tip #3. Developing a Niche website Advertisement and Marketing strategy

Having a website for your cake business could help reduce the stress of publicity. Making a niche blog for food specifically would not only create awareness but an avenue for online business.

To create a website nowadays is very easy. With WordPress, you have avalanche plugins to integrate and explore seamlessly and within 30 mins, you are done with the integration.

If you are interested in owning a blog for your business, You can reach out to our service centre and enjoy free service for blog creation. You can still do this by yourself but first, you have to get certain things ready.

Get a domain for your blog. Bluehost is renowned in one website platform. You can use our link  and enjoy a whopping 60% discount

Get a hosting service: I personally prefer using contabo since their VPS service is cheap But there are other platforms to host your blog. Bluehost, Hostgator, Ipage, etc

Download WordPress and off you go for your blog.

Create a food blog and Facebook advertising website. You can host a variety of Facebook ads for free or for a small fee. If you need our website design service, please visit our service page.

cakeboss cake business, how to start a cake baking business from home
Cakeboss cakes

Cakeboss is a top-notch bakery you can learn a lot from. The image above is their website. The will also teach you how to start a cake baking business from home

Professional Internet research optimized with the right keywords cannot replace the exact wording in your mouth. A successful cake can boost your business. Order cheaper entry-level business cards from domains such as Vistaprint or Zazzle. map! Network, network, network. Join the next Cake member and meet different colleagues in your area.

How to start a cake baking business Tip #4. Find the best cake recipe

Recipes are very necessary for foods and cake is no exception. There are so many cake recipes on the web and you can check them out.

How to start a cake baking business Tip #5. Learn about baking

I earlier gave a hint on how to prepare a cake for home consumption. The approach is no way far from the former. Get your materials ready and start your business.

You can explore other resources to have in-depth knowledge on how to bake. I have a video for you to watch a whole step by step guide on how to bake.


The process of icing and design is also easy but requires practice. Comment to know more.

How to start a cake baking business Tip #6. Know the Types of equipment required

Knowing the right equipment and tools for your baking gives you an exceptional result. the equipment required gives a unique shape which makes the cake different in the market.

the tools required includes


1. Bowl

2. Spatula

3. Whip

4. Knife

5. Knife

6. Pans

7. Measuring cups and spoons


  1. Smoother
  2. Cutters
  3. Steel spatula
  4.  Rolling pins and boards

How to start a cake baking business Tip #7. Setting up your kitchen

It doesn’t necessarily need to be a legal standard as appended by NAFDAC or other legal bodies. Anything that must be eaten, desires a clean and tidy location and your kitchen is not an exception.

Good housekeeping is not only in the living room o, bedroom to avoid slip and fall, remember “A proper place for everything and everything in its proper place”

That being said, where liquids are should be far away from where your flour is to avoid the flour getting wet and not ready for use.

Items such as baking powder, salt, sugar and other powdered/grainy materials should be covered properly in a closed container. If your baking powder is open, using it will not bake properly

How to start a cake baking business Tip #8. Know the Cake Ingredients

Want a yummy cake??? Then the right ingredient will give you a flavoured cake with a delicious taste that will meet economic demands and yield profit. As a recap, the ingredients for baking include but not limited to:

  1. Flour
  2. Eggs
  3. Vanilla flavour
  4. granulated sugar
  5. milk
  6. Baking powder
  7. Butter
  8. Preservative
  9. The ingredients required for icing of cake includes.

How to start a cake baking business Tip #9. Take Inventory

Ensure that these products or ingredients do not go out of date as it is very important in the cake business as well as foods

Proper inventory means that you take stock of every product you always use for your cake business. With this, you do not need to have any products outdated or not available when you need to use them. It also helps to know that you have enough for use as this cake baking business requires calculation.

How to start a cake baking business Tip #10. Have Cake photography

Photography helps to keep your blog and adverts fresh and welcoming Yea! check this out

If you have the images, you won’t be running in quest of photography when a client wants to see your expertise. At first, you can get free stock images of the designs you know you can do very well. You can start taking your own designed pictures when you deliver an order

How to start a cake baking business Tip #11. Do proper branding and Packaging

Branding is no negotiable as regards business success. Every business in the 21st century always sees the light only after branding either free or paid.

How to do branding is a critical question but we have a team of experts in this field and can help you get to the arsenal. You can reach out to us here.

Also, you have to know that branding without value is dead. I learnt a lot from steve jobs and his branding strategies. There is a video I will share for your personal branding

How to start a cake baking business Tip #12. Your Pricing matters

Product price could either affect your brand positively or negatively. Therefore, you have to draw a margin and position your brand where the rich and the average can come and patronise you.

Although the price of cakes varies, you should check how much people charge for their products and lessen or balance your price. if it is an exotic type cake, try to know the market first by baking a quality yet less expensive cake. When you see that the market is now selling in your favour, show them that you have more quality products.

You can surf the net to know their different prices

How to start a cake baking business Tip #14. Plan for your Logistics system

How will you mobilise your products to your clients? remember its cake and very fragile and no mistake of free fall when going to deliver in an occasion.

Take into consideration, rainy days and other external constraints when you are planning your logistic system for the cake business

How to start a cake baking business Tip #15. Insurance is good for a large scale bakery

Why I did not want to put this up at first is because it is an expensive task. Not very necessary for home size bakery but it can cover house insurance

But if you are starting a standard bakery in compliance with the government regulations, know that as with the Associate in Nursing permits, your agency wants insurance to present itself properly and legally. Public liability insurance protects the financial health of your company in the event of a covered loss.

There are many types of insurance companies that are designed for only one type of organization. with only one type of risk. If you are unsure of the risks your agency may face, start with general liability insurance. This is often the most important coverage small organizations need, so it’s an exquisite starting point for your agency.


Having read through all the juices in the article, you can proceed to the comment section and ask questions where you don’t understand

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