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How To Start A Barbeque Business from home? Do not be confused barbeque could be either chicken, beef or fish. When roasted in either dry heat or direct smoke, we call it barbeques

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Do you have some money in your possession that you want to invest into a fast profit yielding business?

Are you bothered or probably contemplating on what kind of small scale a legitimate business that you can invest in? Worry no more, you have come to the right place! And in this article, you will get to know how to start a barbeque business from home or any standard location

There are several small scale businesses that you can invest in with a little amount of money that would surprisingly yield an unexpected amount of money for you. These small scale businesses are businesses that you can start from your yard; that is to say, you do not necessarily need to rent a place to start your business.

One of the small scale businesses that you might have not recognized how lucrative it is, is the Barbeque business. I know you are surprised right now, but allow me to blow your mind.

You see barbeque shops almost everywhere; on the streets, in the parks etcetera and probably patronize them but have you ever stopped to ask yourself ” is this business a lucrative one?” Or ” How can I invest in this business and make money out of it?”

Barbeque business is a very lucrative business and you do not need a huge amount of money to start up this business. All you need is just enough money to buy the necessary tools used for outdoor barbeque business and also to cover all other miscellaneous in the business

How To Start A Barbeque Business from home Step #1. GETTING STARTED

Starting any business at all is very taunting and requires thinking. When you think, an avalanche of ideas g through your mind but the only way to unleash your full potentials is when you get out of your comfort zone and start!

how to start barbeque business

We will go through an in-depth look at the basic steps you need to get your barbeque business rolling. These steps are very crucial if you want to succeed in your newfound business

How To Start A Barbeque Business from home Step #2. THE BUSINESS PLAN

There is a saying that He who fails to plan plans to fail.

First of all, before starting any business at all; either a small scale business or a large scale business, a formal business or an informal business, you must make sure that you have a comprehensive business plan that will guide you throughout your business.

endeavours before we go deeper into the aspect of the business plan, it is of utmost importance that we understand the concept of a business plan and what it entails, the various things that makeup or that we can find in a business plan.

A business plan can be said to be a formal document that describes your business. It goes further to cover the strategies that are to be used in the business ordeal, the goals and objectives of the business and the methods by which these goals are attained.

The business plan also gives a full description of the nature of the business and the time frames set up by the business manager to achieve the set goals of the business.

As someone interested in venturing into the Barbeque business, you need to sit down and brainstorm before you write your business plan. You should ask yourself the following basic questions and your answers can form the basis of your business plan.

These basic questions include;
1. How much am I investing in this business?
2. What is this business actually all about?
3. What are my goals and expectations from this business?
4. What are the means or the strategies that I should follow to achieve these goals that I have set?
5. What are the time frames required to achieve these goals?

Once you are done answering these questions, you are on your way to having a complete business plan that will guide you in this new business idea that you want to venture into.


business plan templet on how to start a successful phone selling business

Writing a business plan has never been easier if you were able to actually brainstorm and have ample knowledge of what you expect from your barbeque business and the procedures that you have set to achieve those goals.

There are laid down procedures that you must follow to get your barbeque business plan ready for use.

1. Business Statement. In this section what you are expected to do is to describe your business. Tell the reader what your business is all about

2. Business Budget. Make a comprehensive budget of the prices of the equipment to be used to start up the Barbeque business. Also budget for the prices of food ingredients and money used for its supply

3. Financing. Here you must make sure that there is a thorough understanding of where the finances for the business are coming from. That is if you are seeking to acquire funds from the bank or you are the sole financier of the business.

4.Location. The desired location of the Barbeque business must be made known in this segment of your business plan.

5. Licensing. Here you must get a license from your county’s food service regulation body and also make a financial provision to pay the due fees or rates demanded. You must note that these policies differ depending on the policies of your county’s food service regulation body.

How To Start A Barbeque Business step #3. MARKET SURVEY

Conducting a market survey is the next step on your way to establishing your barbeque business. This step unlike the aforementioned step requires you to get up and collect some vital information required to understand if actually, your business would prosper.

A well-completed market survey would equip you and distinguish your business from other businesses in your vicinity.

To carry out an effective market survey, there are certain steps and considerations that you must critically analyse. These steps include;


This is one of the most basic and crucial considerations you must take to achieve an effective market survey of your barbeque business. This entails having a quite understanding of the environment or location that you want to establish your barbeque business.

You as an investor must understand that the strength of any business whatsoever is bent on the level of customers that business has and therefore the proximity of these customers to the location of your business cannot be overemphasized.

If you are planning to start up your barbeque business in a location with few residents, then you must also be ready to have a tighter flow of income.

But if you actually want to explore and reach the limits of your potentials, then you must brace up and look for a location that has a greater residential population.

Another aspect of this customer proximity is the customer’s accessibility to the location of your business.

If your business is situated in a location that the customers find it difficult to get to; such as a waterlogged or an isolated place, the level of your customers will certainly reduce. As a business person, you should look for a good and easily accessible location for your barbeque business.


Any successful business person must come to the acceptance of the competitiveness of business and must also equip himself with the ability to handle the competition to stand out from the other businessmen in his vicinity.

As a person who is interested in investing in the Barbeque business, you must understand that you are not the only person that is in that line of business, therefore you must brainstorm on how to make your business a competitive one to remain relevant.

One important question you must ask yourself as a competitive barbeque business person is “What difference can I add to my business that would not only attract plenty of customers but also advertise my business?”

One very effective way to advertise your new barbeque business is to start with discounts. Discounts can go a long way in registering your business on the top competitive chain of barbeque businesses in your area.


After writing your business plan and conducting your market survey, the next thing in line is to get down to the business. To start your barbeque business, you need to do the following;

How To Start A Barbeque Business Step #4. BUY EQUIPMENT.

On your business plan, you have already made a budget of how much you want to spend on the buying of equipment to be used for your new barbeque business. Therefore the next step is to get up and go get that equipment.

how to start barbecue business

These necessary equipment include;

  1.  Charcoal
  2. Chimney starter
  3. A Grilling basket
  4. A barbeque skewer
  5. A grill apron
  6. Other necessary equipment used in starting a barbeque business.

How To Start A Barbeque Business Step #5. DELIVERY METHOD.

As a new barbeque business person who wants to reach the limits of his potentials, you must not restrict your customers to only persons in a single location.

You must seek a delivery method to deliver your product to other customers from different locations. There are a variety of delivery options that you can choose from. You can hire or buy a van for home and office deliveries.

How To Start A Barbeque Business Step #6. EMPLOYEES.

Considering the growth level of your barbeque business, you may consider hiring extra hands to four not to overstress yourself in making and also delivering the product to people. You can as well narrow down the employee level into a supplier (one who is in charge of the deliveries) and you who makes the Barbeque.

How To Start A Barbeque Business Step #7. ADVERTISEMENT.

No business can survive without the awareness of the public. Therefore you must make provisions for the advertisement of your business. You can start by printing a banner with attractive colours to facilitate your advertisement.

Other advertisements could rally around the web. A lot of people now enjoy surfing the internet and it is a great place to centre your adverts. Trust me you will see people close to you who may have not seen your banner.

You do not need to pay for online adverts to promote a small barbeque business. All you need is your phone and time.

Head over to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc and promote your recipes for free

How To Start A Barbeque Business Step #8. CERTIFICATION.

The food service regulation body of your country must certify you before you can commence your business.

Barbeque business is a fast profit yielding business that many people do not know about, but the good news is that now you know! And not only that, you have been equipped with the necessary information on how to start a barbeque business with ease.

If you wish to register with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), you can check my previous on cosmetics business. I have written about it

How to prepare bbq for family consumption

Are you not tired of going to eat barbeque in the joint where different kinds of smoke will be distorting your total taste of this amazing delicacy? Want to know how to prepare barbecue for your family? Here are videos for you

1. How To Make Barbecue Fish Nigerian Style: Point and Kill Fresh Fish

Get your stuff ready let’s get started

  • mix your herps and spices
  • rob vegetable oil on the fish and make sure it is gotten
  • rob the fish with the mixture evenly
  • to evenly cook the fish and add spices well, cut the fish with small knifes
  • other spices blended
  • Fry with medium heat and leave it for about 12 mins
  • add season into the sauce and leave the sauce to cool
  • coat the fish with the pepper sauce evenly
  • wrap it up in foils and heat in oven 450 degrees Fahrenheit for about 2 hours.
2. Delicious Grilled fish/CATFISH AND PLANTAIN/Nigerian FOOD/Barbecue Fish

The process here is almost similar so watch and ask questions where you don’t understand

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