How to make money on clickworker | 11 Jobs that will make you successful on clickworker

There are lots of jobs that can help you to make money on clickworker. Folks who appreciate writing, translating, researching, and data processing from all around the world can also make money on clickworker.

If you are interested in how to make money on clickworker, then here is the article for you.

Clickworker assigns digital tasks to willing workers, which we refer to as Clickworkers. Clickworkers(you and I) are independent contractors who use our workplace platform.

As a Clickworker, you can make money working fully independently and on your own time from anywhere in the world.

The jobs at Clickworker are smaller and can be completed independently. Each Clickworker chooses when, where, and for how long they work. This is one of the advantages of clickworker

distribution of task

Each Clickworker picks the tasks he or she wants to work on from a pool of accessible projects. Based on qualification evaluations, past job assessments, education, language ability, and hobbies, the assignments provided may differ from Clickworker to Clickworker.

Some projects may be offered to you, while others may be rejected based on your overall profile and qualifications.

The term clickworker

Clickworker assigns digital tasks to logged-in Internet workers, whom we refer to as Clickworkers. Clickworkers are independent contractors who use our workplace platform.

Clickworkers, like other agencies, are required to register before beginning their work. All information is kept private and is only used for correspondence, evaluation, and payment.

clickworker offers an ideal opportunity to earn money in addition to your employment or self-employment.

Please note that working as a clickworker is no substitute for full-time employment. The project offers as well as the monthly revenue are both subject to change and cannot be guaranteed.

Who can become a clickworker

Anyone who can read this website with the use of a normal Web browser has completed the technical prerequisites. In addition, you must be allowed to work in the jurisdiction of your residence.

How to make money on clickworker

If you want to make money on clickworker, there are no other rocket signs to imply than becoming a clickworker.

To become a clickworker, the first step is to sign up. You can click here to sign up with Clickworker. 

Note that when signing up, you have to provide adequate and true information. Ensure you have your email at your disposal because you have to activate the account first via email before you can access it.

Just follow the detailed step by step guide I have written down “how to sign up for clickworker” to sign up successfully and start making your money.

#1. complete the information in the taskbar

The taskbar is where you have your “jobs”, “assessments”, “profile” and “account” as seen in the image below.

make money on clickworker

Let’s look at the items we need to fill in the taskbar step by step.

Item #1. Profile

The profile is where you fill in your bios. look at the taskbar and you will see the profile

make money on clickworker

When you sign in, try to fill in more information as much as you can to promote your profile. Let me walk you through the quick ones I started with before getting my first job.

Click the first item in the profile taskbar — The clickworker profile

Here is the clickworker profile page and how it looks like,

make money on clickworker

The image above shows you how the interface will look like immediately after you activate your account from your email link.

That progress bar I circled red will increase the more you add more information to your profile.

Remember the information you have in your profile will either help you to make money on clickworker or help you to spend time and money on clcikworker. Be cautious about it.

You will also need to fill the “about me, language, skills, hobbies, highest degree, profession “ space provided. Here is the part am talking about

make money on clickworker

Now that you are done with the clickworker profile, let’s move to other crucial parts of the information you need to have in the profile

Still, on the profile taskbar, the contact details, user settings and forum are below the clickworker profile

item #2. Account

After the profile, the next thing you should complete is your payment because you need to start making money on clickworker as soon as possible.

You can fill in others later as they are not as relevant as the ones I do now.

Here is where you can find the account in the taskbar

make money on clickworker

Click on the payment details to fill in your details. I will personally advise you to your Payoneer account as your payment details

Payoneer is a merchant account just like PayPal. The good thing about Payoneer is that you can withdraw directly to your bank account anywhere in the world.

if you do not have a Payoneer account, follow this link to get started free of charge. I will also drop a detailed guide on how you can signup on to Payoneer and also make good money via affiliate and referral programs

Also, you can check your account history, invoices and your agreements using that taskbar above.

item #3. assessment

Your first step should be to fill in your profile. Most of the jobs we offer are only available if the Clickworkers have demonstrated their abilities in assessments. All assessments are unlocked to you based on the information in your profile.

After you have completed your profile, you may already see jobs in your job list – but they will be marked as “Jobs you can qualify for”. This means, they fit your profile information but you haven’t taken the appropriate assessment, yet.

When you press the button “qualify”, you will be directed to the respective assessment. Alternatively, you can search for available assessments in the menu links “Base assessments” and “Project assessments“.

Some of these assessments will be evaluated immediately after taking them, others manually within 1-2 days. Depending on your results, you will receive immediate access to the according to jobs.

Please choose assessments according to your interests and personal skills. For authors and translators, the author’s assessments would be the right choice. Proofreaders in German and English have their own assessments.

You can take all the assessments you want. None is mandatory, but with each successfully taken assessment, you increase the pool of potential jobs.

After qualifying, you see available jobs in your job list. You see the job, a short description, the available time and the fee that you get for successful work. If you wish to start working on a job, start the process by clicking on “Start”.

The assessment tab is located before the profile tab on the taskbar. If you are having problems finding where to complete assessments, look at the image below:

make money on clickworker

When you click on the assessment tab, you will see two types of assessments required for job offers

  • The base assessment –

These assessments are basic qualifications for various current and future jobs.
Depending on your assessments score, you will be enabled for additional jobs.

  • The project assessment

These assessments are special prerequisites for specific jobs that are currently online. You need to complete these assessments to get access to those jobs.

here is it

make money on clickworker

The base assessment is very important. Once you have signed up and verified your email address, you should complete the assessments.

There are different kinds of assessments, yes! but the base assessment is to test your English language ability and more.

Don’t worry, they are basic and easy. The more assessment you complete, the more qualified you will be for jobs.

Now you are done with your basic information, it’s now time to take up different jobs.

Explore jobs by clicking the home button on that taskbar. It will load different obs for you such as:

2. Text creation

Clickworker is looking for text writers who can create texts based on a template or about a predefined topic.

These can include descriptions of cities, hotels, and software or fashion items. The variety of topics is limitless and always depends on the current job situation.

How do I become a text writer and start to make money on clickworker?

After signing in as a Clickworker, you will exhibit your writing talent by completing an author assessment test.

Please note: The assessment cannot be repeated. Therefore, you have to complete the assessment only if you have enough time to address the test topics.

Clickworker will then evaluate the assessment text and grade it according to quality, on a star scale of 2-5.

The better your text, the higher your rating and your fee per word. You can later reach the highest quality rating level by submitting good work results.

You can get started now! Users who are logged in can immediately accept and process suitable jobs on our platform.

3. Data categorization

Do you enjoy analyzing data files such as videos, photos or documents, and classifying them according to terms? Or are you someone who can quickly find given information on the Internet?

At clickworker, you can evaluate, analyze or categorize the content of websites, search results, images or documents whenever you feel like it. This is what your task might look like: 

  1. You will be told to View two Landing Pages and decide which one provides the reader with the most precise information; or
  2. . To check whether there is adult content on some web pages.

How do I become a data expert on clickworker?

Data categorization jobs at clickworker appear without any prior warning and soon disappear because they are very popular.

If you can’t find any jobs directly on the Clickworker Workplace, then take a look at the partner platform, UHRS.

To access UHRS jobs, you will have to complete two UHRS qualifications.

Please note: You will have to demonstrate sufficient English language skills.

Available jobs will be displayed directly on your Clickworker user account or UHRS only when you are done with the English proficiency

4. Video Recording

The short videos you will be required o record, usually only last a few seconds, or up to a minute.

You can choose your preferred activity from a list of tasks.

There is quite a bit to choose from, like making faces to performing simple activities. Your job instructions could for example be, throw an object in the air and catch it again.

how can you earn money doing video jobs for clickworker?

You don’t need any special qualifications or technical knowledge. It’s just important that your smartphone features a good-quality camera.

Generally, the job instructions will be very specific as to exactly how you should complete the job.

These projects are among the most popular on the platform. Understandable, since they don’t take much time and are incredibly fun!

And if all that hasn’t convinced you yet: your contribution is simultaneously helping to train artificial intelligence and further develop image recognition tools, for example.

5. Hobby and professional copy editors

This is for people who have a passion for correcting and want to use their talent to earn some money on the side

copy editors who can edit short texts to the given topic are vastly needed in this platform.

These can include descriptions of cities or products, as well as many other topics. This always depends on the current job situation.

How do I become a copy editor on clickworker?

You must have an excellent knowledge of your written native language, a good eye for detail and enjoy editing.

As a copy editor, you will check texts that are already corrected concerning spelling, grammar, content, style and the exact implementation of the job instructions.

Your task is to ensure that both the author and the first proofreader have complied with the specifications and that the quality of the text is such that it can be submitted to the client.

Your constructive and affirmative criticism helps the authors and proofreaders on the platform to write good texts and learn from their mistakes.

To become a copy editor you first have to work as an author and proofreader at clickworker.

This will provide the necessary experience and give insight into the internal processes at clickworker.

Complete the author and proofreader assessments (if available for your native language) and work in both areas – then get ready to take off as a copy editor!

I know it sounds more complicated than it is! You decide which projects you process. As a logged-in user, you access the jobs and correct the texts directly on the platform.

6. Proofreading jobs

Clickworkers clients are looking for proofreaders to check and correct the texts. These can include descriptions of cities, hotels, products or software.

Since the range of topics always depends on the current job situation, this task promises to be interesting.

How do I become a proofreader and make money on clickworker?

You must have an excellent command of your native language, a very good sense of language, enjoy correcting and you must be able to keep the job instructions in mind.

After signing up as a Clickworker, you can immediately demonstrate your skills by taking the tests offered on the platform.

However, every proofreader at clickworker must initially acquire experience as a texter to gain insight into the internal processes involved in later proofreading work.

You must therefore first qualify as an author and handle a few text creation jobs before you can take the proofreader assessment test.

However beware, the assessment cannot be repeated. Be sure to complete the assessment test only if you have enough time.

For some languages, there may not be a specific proofreader assessment and the qualification happens on the job itself.

7. Web research jobs

If you enjoy searching for data on the Internet, for example, addresses of companies, restaurants, etc, these search tasks also include the updating of existing data or other minor tasks.

How do I become a web researcher and make money on clickworker?

You do not need a particular qualification; this basically happens “on the job”.

As a registered Clickworker it’s useful to check the list of jobs regularly for suitable projects.

If there is a project available, eligibility will be determined based on the training and test tasks within the job.

Once you have passed the eligibility test you can work on the project for as long as you want, or as long as jobs are available.

8. Survey Jobs

Surveys on clickworker are always directed at groups of participants that have been previously determined by our clients based on specific criteria.

The topics are as varied as the objective. The surveys are completely anonymous and your personal data will not be submitted to third parties at any given time.

What do I surveys and make money on clickworker?

Taking part is very simple! All you need is an active Clickworker account.

Log in regularly and keep an eye out for suitable survey projects.

If there a no surveys available it might be useful to take a look at other clickworker project areas

9. Video and photography jobs

The two possible tasks that you as a mystery photographer could find listed on clickworker are

  1. Check sale displays and product placement in supermarkets,
  2. Verify whether a certain “in” restaurant that was all the rage 2 years ago is still located at a certain address.

From the list of jobs, choose the ones that are in your area, reserve them, and you’re off.

You complete the task at the specified location, according to the directions, and document it with uploaded photos. Submit the job and you’re done!

How do you become a mystery photographer and make money on clickworker?

Shopping jobs generally only have one restriction for participation: your location.

They are usually limited to a specific region or city. Clickworkers who live nearby see the jobs in the workplace and can start on them immediately.

No additional qualifications are needed. However this type of job is very popular, so it’s best to reserve them quickly when you see them show up in your job list.

10. App Testing jobs

For those equipped with a smartphone or tablet, the app tester jobs with clickworker could be just what you’re looking for.

It doesn’t matter if you’re armed with an Android device or an iPhone, an app is usually tested in just a few minutes and you quickly pocket your earnings.

How do you become an App Tester and make money on clickworker?

The only thing you need for the task is a modern, mobile device and of course a clickworker account.

As a logged in clickworker you accept and work on app jobs directly on our online platform, or via the clickworker app.

11. Photo capturing

Make snapshots of everyday objects or situations. No matter whether you are armed with an Android device or an iPhone, these small jobs can be done quickly and easily.

how can you make money on clickworker doing photo jobs?

Are you creative and have an Android or iOS device handy? Then you can already get started on your first job! No special qualifications are required. Begin a task on the clickworker app or our workplace platform and simply take your pictures based on the instructions provided for that job.

Your pictures are used to advance the development of artificial intelligence. For example, they help train image recognition software.

12. Audio recording

Everything you require, you probably already have in your hand: your smartphone.

The biggest advantage is that you can work these jobs completely independent of the time of day or the place you find yourself. 

How to make money on clickworker recording audio?

The only equipment needed is your smartphone. The built-in microphone allows you to easily take part. There’s a reason why interest in these jobs is very high!

Your audio recordings are employed to train artificial intelligence. So, you are making an important contribution, for example, to the development of speech recognition tools.

Bonus tips

The last idea here is only for you who has finally read this to the end.

Clickworker also offers her clickworkers a token to make passive income without doing anything.

As a registered clickworker, You have the opportunity to refer a friend to also register and you make $5 for every $10 your referral makes

To access this offer, first, you need to sign up. Then complete the profile information.

Click on the home page in the taskbar and scroll to the end of the available jobs. You will see the “refer a friend” job.

Refer as much as you can and make your money passively without working even


If you are still confused about how the whole thing works, don’t worry let me make it simple with these 6 steps

  1. Sign up at
  2. Fill out your user profile
  3. Complete short assessments
  4. Good results ensure many jobs
  5. Process your jobs online
  6. Get paid on a weekly or monthly basis

Your benefits at a glance on clickworker

  1. Easy start with assessments
  2. Good quality work ensures an increase in earnings
  3. Work from home whenever you have time
  4. You don’t have to worry about customer acquisition. We take care of the distribution of the jobs to you
  5. This gives you more time for your own work
  6. And you don’t have to write invoices either. We take care of the entire process including payment to you
  7. Weekly or monthly payment via payoneer, SEPA or PayPal
  8. 24/7 support from our Clickworker community

If you still need more info on how to make money on clickworker, please do well to comment below

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