How to make money in fitness? Here are 36 promising ways to make NGN500,000 monthly

I’ll let you in on a little secret: you can make money from your love of fitness, whether you’re a professional or just someone who enjoys staying fit.

It’s safe to say that the fitness industry is booming and will only continue to grow in the coming years.

When better to jump in than now?

As a result, you’ll be able to work toward both your fitness and financial goals.

“Get fit” or “become the best version of yourself” is always the slogan for many people who want to become personal trainers, coaches, or gym owners.

Sadly, it’s not that simple. With this approach, it’s even harder to build an online business.

When it comes to personal training, the most common question I am asked is what certification to get. You have to know that a certificate is not the yardstick to measuring success.

You can earn money as a personal trainer in a variety of ways, but the most common is to work at a gym as a gym coach or gym owner. 

I know you’ll probably be thinking about the major gyms and how much they pay.

A personal trainer salary is ultimately determined by what gyms are willing to pay since this is the most common career path.

There are plenty of methods to generate money as a personal trainer, fitness teacher, or sports coach.

Most people believe that it’s just about selling training sessions but there are so many options beyond this.

Exploring a range of ideas may improve your earnings and diversify your income, making you more robust to bad economic times.

personal trainers are seeking methods to increase their revenue.

Fundamentals are a good place to start, as they may have an immediate influence on your earnings.

  • Raise your salary.
  • Sell more effectively by improving your selling abilities.
  • Your sales funnel should be optimized.
  • As a result, prices are to be improved as well
  • It is important to test fresh marketing concepts.

Prioritise the income from your current setup (if you can). Everything else you do will be built on a solid foundation if you start with this.

Look at what you’re already doing before putting time and energy into additional channels.

It’s possible to raise your revenue in a very short period of time, without putting in too much more effort.

How To Boost Your Personal Training Business

Personal training revenue may be increased in two main ways.

  1. By recruiting new consumers, selling more to existing customers, or encouraging them to buy more often.
  2. By boosting your pricing, upselling extras, or increasing the average buy amount via bundles, you may increase the value of your sales.

As a personal trainer, it boils down to these two things. Any business cannot flourish without them.

The question is, what can you do to make them a reality?

As we’ll see in the following section, there are several ways to earn additional cash as a personal trainer (they can easily turn into full-time revenue generators).

How to make money in fitness. A Personal Trainer’s Guide to Earnings

The following are proven methods for both active and passive revenue that gym owners/personal trainers may use…

#1. Sign up for Walgreens balance rewards

For your consumers to keep active, Walgreens has teamed up with 26 fitness apps and 40 fitness gadgets.

Their activity tracker allows you to earn points for their Balance Rewards program, which you can then redeem for cash at checkout.

About Walgreens

Founded in 1901, Walgreens delivers the most accessible access to consumer products and services, including pharmacy, health and wellness services, in America.

The firm has produced 36 consecutive years of record sales and earnings—a track record equalled by only one other Fortune 500 company.

Walgreens offers a variety of fantastic resources for affiliates to make use of, including our product catalogue with over 60,000 goods!

Our range of products spans Baby, Beauty, Contact Lens, Diet & Fitness, Electronics, Healthcare, Home Medical, Vitamin categories and more.

#2. Sell online courses

how to make money in fitness

People increasingly prefer to learn and practice on their own time. People can access online fitness courses at any time.

There is a lot of information on how to get started as an online instructor on platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, and Teachable.

Offer small-group PT sessions to small groups.

Due to the lower price tag, this opens up your services to a broader audience. People love cheap things that are works very well.

You’ll improve your income by teaching more clients in less time.

Besides being entertaining, training in a group fosters a sense of community, which in turn boosts employee loyalty.

Get your materials ready to sell to your subscribers and whosoever is interested in fitness

#3. Organise fitness retreats or getaways.

how to make money in fitness

Following the recent search, the wellness tourism industry is developing at a rate of 50 per cent faster than other travel sectors and has enormous income potential.

For your clients, organising weekend getaways or health-oriented trips may be a major source of additional revenue.

The community-building aspect can also boost loyalty and continue business/contract.

Unique events can be organized and attended because gyms often have everything a person needs to get fit and stay healthy.

But they can be boring and sometimes scary places to visit.

It’s possible to build a brand for yourself and make money by offering more unusual alternatives, especially outside events.

What sort of events could you run? How about:

  • Bootcamps
  • Assault courses
  • Zombie runs
  • Hiking and walking trips
  • Mini Olympics
  • Dancing
  • Parkour
  • Outdoor Calisthenics

New audiences may be reached through these events, which are ideal for advertising your business, fitness goods, and services.

The same activities may also help bring communities together and provide local businesses to showcase their products and services.

#4. Create and run offline courses(classroom studies).

You can start a few weeks class for the fitness enthusiast instructors/coaches.

4-6 week courses on specific areas may be created by combining practical training with academic knowledge.

IronMan preparation or nutrition-related issues are among the most popular lectures people want to hear.

#5. Organize a workshop or seminar.

how to make money in fitness

This is more like an offline/online class. One-off events/classes offer great flexibility because there’s no need to make a long-term commitment (unlike courses that run for several weeks).

Charge for attendance or offer it for free.

As an ‘exclusive loyalty perk’, offer complimentary places to your existing client base.

Supplements are a great way to promote your fitness brand and expertise. You can encourage your clients to take supplements

It’s a no-brainer when it comes to ways to make money as a gym coach or personal trainer.

You may either offer them separately or as part of a package if you find vitamins that will assist your clients to reach their goals.

#6. Create and publish fitness ebooks

Writing and publish fitness ebooks online is now easier than before. You may reach a big audience by creating a Kindle edition of your book.

Besides the money you’ll get from book sales, you’ll also create leads for your company.

Your website can also be used to sell ebooks, either through “Selz” or a marketplace like “Workout Depot”.

There are so many platforms to create your own ebook on the internet. I mostly use canvas for all my editing and publications

#7. Home equipment can be sold for cash.

how to make money in fitness

Some customers want to exercise at home between sessions, so why not offer equipment that’ll assist them to achieve their fitness goals.

It’s easy to stock up on resistance bands, mats, and kettlebells, and they don’t need expert installation.

A trainer’s instruction is still required, therefore they won’t cause a drop-in session sales. You will need to give them coaching online either through video or app.

#8. Publication of a printed book

how to make money in fitness

This is different from the ebook. It is a hard copy of your ebook or a fresh hard copy of your written article.

You can help others achieve their goals by turning your book idea into a reality.

As a result, you don’t need to invest in large print runs.

It will cost you money to print these materials, but when you sell them and start making your money, then you will know that your profession is productive

#9. Create a website to sell products.

On your website, include a section where your customers may buy the items that are being promoted by your company.

So you don’t have to worry about maintaining stock, many manufacturers will ‘drop ship’ items directly to end consumers

Your website might sell a selection of fitness-related items.

In other words, you don’t have to buy any stock because many manufacturers provide ‘drop-shipping On platforms like Wix and Squarespace, you can get started for free

As far as gym bags go, we’re not talking about the ugly ones that come with subscriptions.

Stylish exercise gear or accessories that your clients will truly be happy to wear are what we’re talking about.

Creating a personal website that will sell your business is another way you can make money in fitness.

We can help you set up your WordPress store, check our services and reach out to us here

It is your hub and you can get subscribers to this platform over and over again to patronize your brand

#10. Create meal planning and menus.

Everyone knows that a healthy diet is vital to the success of our clients’ businesses.

Of course, you may earn extra money by creating meal plans that are personalized to your clients’ needs, while also helping them to reach their goals.

Planners can be prepared online for free and they are very easy to prepare with canvas. Also, you may offer fitness programs to your recipe customers.

How to make money in fitness selling meal planners

i. Recipe books can be sold online.

The sale of proven recipe books is another profitable option to assist your clients’ nutritional needs.

When time is of the essence, clients will appreciate topics such as ‘quick one-pot meals’ or ‘quick 15-minute meals’ Even better, you could create your own!

ii. Create your own nutritious snacks using our recipe generator.

It’s possible to earn additional money from healthy baking if you have a flair for it.

Local health food cafes, farmers’ markets, and food festivals are all places where you could sell nutritious treats to your clients.

As a personal trainer, you can earn money by baking and selling your fries only if they resonate with your client’s demands.

iii. Sell Nutritional supplements under private label.

Create your brand of nutritional supplements if your business has a good reputation.

You can outsource the production to several firms. Get to know their supplement composition and prepare your branded supplement.

Always Make a strategy for your workout and diet.

Fitness centres and personal trainers are not for everyone.

Instead, they’re searching for professional advice on their nutrition or training regimens at home or the gym, so they may customize their fitness regimens to meet their lifestyles and goals.

Especially if they are based on popular diets like vegan, keto, paleo, Atkins, HCG or any other diet that is claimed as being health-promoting, meal plans are a popular offering in the fitness niche.

Bundles of nutrition and training plans can also be sold separately or combined.

If you are a personal trainer who already works with clients online or in person, you can offer these services as extras.

#11. Coach yourself to mastery and become a certified coach

Physical therapists (PTs) are continuously in demand from fitness equipment manufacturers to educate their instructors.

If you’re interested in continuing your professional growth, this is a great opportunity for you. You’ll also receive paid training.

Why not connect with their marketing or education managers on LinkedIn? It is a great way to get proper listening and coaching

#12. Officiating in sports

Referees are commonly needed by sports groups since they are fit and healthy.

Train with clubs for future training possibilities and earn an extra source of money.

#13. Biology tutoring for kids

It’s possible that if you’ve studied exercise science and/or physiology, you’ll be able to tutor children in biology.

University Tutor (global) or Tutor Hunt are great places to locate tutoring employment, especially in the United Kingdom (UK).

#14. Get sponsprship and become a brand ambassador

Another great way to make money in fitness is to become a brand ambassador.

As advocates for their brands, Reebok and Lululemon aggressively seek out and hire personal trainers, gym instructors and coaches.

Event-goers are compensated to attend events, promote them across their networks, and receive amazing gifts.

In recent years, several businesses have turned to “influencers” to help them spread the word about their products.

If you develop a workout or recipe utilizing their product, they’ll pay you for the privilege of promoting it.

From there, you may establish a relationship with businesses by engaging with them on social media.

Here is how you can get sponsorships

1. Becoming a cosmetologist, model, artist, blogger etc

As your following and interaction grow, you may be approached by firms seeking brand ambassadors.

Having a sponsor is now referred to as becoming a brand ambassador.

For cash, affiliate commissions, and free merchandise, you promote a business by giving shout-outs, reviewing it on your blog, and generally spreading the word about it.

How to Become a Brand Ambassador is discussed in greater detail herein

If you are recognized in any celebratory firm, your pay for sponsorship is huge

#15. Get hired for TV or movie roles

As a personal trainer, this is one of the more unconventional methods to generate money.

Many ‘background’ positions are in demand for people who have a specific appearance.

Plus, it’s easy to integrate into your client’s routine already in place.

To make an additional $100+ each day, sign up with a marketing agency. You can make money in fitness, lots of them if you are a pro

#16. Become a Beach Body Coach.

A lot of trainers earn a lot of money with this affiliate marketing scheme.

For the sale of challenge packs, beach body coaches may earn up to $105 and earn a 25 per cent commission on other retail sales.

On their website, you may join up immediately. 

#17. Become a sports clubs trainer.

Local weekend league sports groups may be interested in having you perform fitness training sessions.

For pre-match preparation or post-match recuperation, you may also give dietary guidance to your athletes.

this is a great way to make money in fitness without actually stressing yourself(passive income).

#18. Join the Baywatch team

Bayeatchers are seen to be smart, fit and agile individuals who can save lives and in general, watch over the beach.

you will earn a lot of money just sitting down to watch the water waves and feeling the cool breeze.

this is worth considering as well.

#19. Ghost-writing

It’s not uncommon to come up with ideas for fitness books, but you may not have the knowledge or time to write about them.

It might cost between $10,000 and $15,000 to ‘ghostwrite’ a book on behalf of a client (but be warned it is a LOT of work).

#20. Modelling

I know the ladies will be more interested in this one but trust me, If you know where to look, fitness models may find lots of work.

They’re not only on magazine covers — they’re on every piece of fitness promotion.

Also, let them know you’re available to do photoshoots.

#21. Be open for consultation.

In reality, you only need to know more than the client. Yes! But do you know that you can go beyond teaching and coaching clients?

Training programs are a good place to start, but you may also speak with equipment makers or hotels about their in-house fitness programs.

You can discover assignments on Guru and Upwork.

#22. Extend services to include online coaching

how to make money in fitness

As a personal trainer or group fitness instructor, being an online fitness coach is a logical progression.

There aren’t many people who have access to a great gym or who can afford a personal trainer.

Due to the growth of high-speed internet, they no longer have to do so!

Trainers may already have clients, but being online gives them access to an endless pool of potential clients.

To promote your services, you may always discover a new audience to target.

Two-way video streams allow you to inspect your client’s form and adjust it if necessary.

In addition, you may pitch your ideas to them while you’re online with them.

Your other goods, such as your diet and training manuals, can be pitched to them while you’re online.

As a fitness training tool, it’s not perfect, but it’s somewhere in between.

People are even prepared to pay to be able to obtain fitness instruction in the comfort of their own homes!

Videos / online classes are not the only method required to do this. In the same way that you would coach a customer in person, train them one-on-one via calls and texts.

Skype, PayPal, and a spreadsheet tool to record client programs are all you need to get started.

#23. Affiliate marketing/Ads publishing

As soon as someone watches or clicks on one of your banner ads, you’ll earn a tiny commission.

If you’re not into the computer programs stuff, your site developer will have to implement it.

Google AdSense is a great place to start.

Affiliate revenue can be generated through the use of a website as well.

Affiliates are paid by companies to attract traffic and sales to their website. Simple methods to accomplish this include creating product evaluations, or having a ‘preferred tools’ or recommended resources’ section.

Starting with Amazon’s affiliate program, which pays up to 10 per cent commission, is an excellent way to get started

Another way to make affiliate income is through referral sources.

Like affiliate revenue, you are paid for consumers who use your referral code.

Some health and fitness websites might be a good fit for this company because their goods are free from harmful chemicals and their commission rates are very excellent too.

#24. Become a Freelance coach

As a personal trainer or coach, this may be one of the most rewarding methods to make money in the fitness industry

All kinds of freelance employment opportunities are available on Upwork.

Exercise plans for other firms, advice on training approaches, or articles for fitness blogs are all examples of what you may be doing.

 #25. Get started with a blog!

how to make money in fitness

However, there are many ways to make money from fitness, including writing a blog.

This is one of the best ways to make money from fitness since you can do so many routes and activities with your blog.

First and foremost, you will need your own website and a passion for fitness writing (at least until you can get some other writers to write for you).

Non-only do people want to get started, but those currently on their path want additional ideas, suggestions, and techniques, thus writing about the difficulties and tribulations of getting and sustaining a healthy physique is appealing.

A fitness blog can make money in a variety of ways.

You can make money directly by placing ads on the site, using affiliate marketing to promote fitness products you trust and recommend, selling your own products and services, and even through flipping the website if it becomes popular enough to be worth six digits.

Indirectly, the site can garner more real-life customers for you as a personal trainer.

It can also help you to find sponsors and brands interested in having you promote their products.

Bloggers don’t even need to be qualified; they may just chronicle and share their own experiences.

Bloggers don’t even need to be qualified to give advice and assistance – they may simply be fitness enthusiasts chronicling and presenting their own journeys in the fitness field.

Using a platform like Wealthy Affiliate is the quickest and easiest method to start your blog. To get started, it’s entirely free, and they’ll provide you with all the necessary equipment and training.

#26. Sell images taken by professional photographers.

Those that are eager to pay for professional pictures of your exercises, nutritious recipes or even gym interior designs are out there.

DepositPhotos or Shutterstock are two stock picture sites where you may sell your photos if you choose.

#27. Create Fitness-Tracking\Personal Training Business Templates

Marketers no longer have to worry about the trouble and guesswork associated with promoting their products and services.

It’s faster, cheaper, and easier to market your fitness company with our ready-to-use templates. our any fitness templets on the internet

Your sales and marketing initiatives will be more effective with their help.

Also, if you don’t have much expertise as a marketer, the template will guide you.

These templates will save you time and work, whether you own a gym, fitness studio, or personal training business.

So you can create more income, they’ll assist you to plan and arrange your promotional efforts to maximize your revenue.

Sales, marketing, and company start-up templates are included in our package.

You can make more money creating a template for your clients’ training routine. Yes! Do you know why?

It’s common for people to keep track of their exercises and other healthy habits to evaluate how they’re doing.

Printable planners and trackers remain popular despite the emergence of wearables.

On Etsy or Amazon, you could be astonished by the results of selling your own creations!

#28. Make Money as a Personal Trainer

The number of methods to generate money as a personal trainer is enormous. I have written how much they make and how to make money as a personal trainer

Surely there’s at least one thought in there that you can move upon.

There are many ways to make money, whether you’re freshly certified and wanting to build up your income or just want to make a little more cash on the side.

How to make a lot of money as a personal trainer depends on your ability to learn. You will need to read books, take classes, and improve yourself continually if you want to succeed.

Becoming strategic in your approach can help you reach your goals faster.

Personal trainers are in high demand!

Every time someone thinks of the fitness business, this is the position that comes to mind.

If done right, personal training is very profitable.

As a first step, you’ll need to become certified in the field. Certification helps you develop credibility with gyms and clients.

All of these credentials are authentic and issued by reputable organizations.

some of the institutions you can get yourself certified are

  • Ameri-Canadian Exercise Council (ACE)
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
  • International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)
  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) (NSCA)

In many cases, it’s beneficial to concentrate in a certain field after obtaining certification. Consider what you’d be interested in, but also take a look at what is popular.

Once you have a job lined up, you may start looking for positions at local gyms and fitness centres.

If you teach at numerous gyms in different regions, you may broaden your client outreach and reduce the danger of losing clients.

#29. Coach on ski

This will mostly benefit people in the snowy part of the world. Skiing may be addicting for those who are skilled on the slopes. However, it’s not cheap.

To offset these expenditures, consider becoming a teacher.

You can ski with your clients and scratch that itch, without spending too much scratch on your own time and money.

#30. Provide instruction to a group.

Group fitness training is very different from personal training, which is done one-on-one.

Training in groups is led by an instructor who coaches all participants to ensure that they are utilizing the proper form.

More people means more money, right? In fact, group exercise is typically cheaper than personal training.

But this does not exclude you from making money from it. Plus, this type of training offers several advantages.

Your personal brand is developed and refined by being exposed to a large number of different individuals.

The second benefit is that it allows you to advertise extra services, like one-on-one training sessions, diet and nutrition programs, your own goods, and other services that may help you earn more money.

Offering lessons to a range of people helps you to extend your skill set. Teaching lessons for children, the elderly, CrossFit, and other brief classes for busy professionals are just a few examples.

#31. Your digital products can be sold through videos.

how to make money in fitness

Do you know that you can make money on youtube passively by creating fitness videos? You love this one!

Creating a fitness video course isn’t that difficult if you’ve already created nutrition and workout plans as digital products.

Video production has additional requirements, including

  • high-quality webcam
  • editing software
  • activewear and equipment that looks good on camera
  • snappy background visuals
  • music to produce a polished video with high production value, among others.

A professional video production company will be required if you aren’t an expert in video production yourself.

All of these factors drive up your overhead costs, so if you don’t have steady clients yet, you’ll have a hard time recovering your losses.

It is now possible to sell a suite of digital products in a variety of online stores. You can, for example, sell your ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle store if you wish.

In addition, you can create and sell your own website.

#32. Consider creating a fitness-related app.

how to make money in fitness

In addition to creating or having a developer construct a mobile app for you, there are additional digital products that you may buy or make yourself.

Even fitness aficionados have their phones with them at all times, even when they’re not exercising.

How about making their fitness goals tracking on their phones easier and more accessible?

You may make passive money from your app by running advertising.

For example, you might offer customers a free download of the software and then charge them for additional features and upgrades so that you can directly profit from them.

This fitness app allows you to use your existing digital items to make money.

In this case, users can pick from a menu template or design their own.

A workout app may be created where users can pick a certain routine to complete or design their own with separate exercises.

They can also be combined into one app.

#33. Create a real fitness product line

how to make money in fitness

Even those who can afford fitness fees, prefer to work out at home, as I’ve already mentioned.

Your chances of making money in fitness items increase if you can locate an affordable, high-quality provider/product.

Consider these fitness goods that you may market to your customers.

  • Exercising on yoga or exercise mats
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • It’s a ball!
  • Med-ball
  • Obstacles to practising yoga
  • Jump ropes are a fun way to get moving
  • Bands of resistance
  • Rollers made of foam

Not for the faint-hearted, but selling your own product line may be a big moneymaker.

#34. Become a professional writer in fitness niche.

how to make money in fitness

Due to the explosive growth of the fitness sector, written content on fitness is also in great demand.

Fitness writers are in high demand from blogs, magazines, journals, and other publications.

Especially if you have credentials, years of expertise, and a fan base that reads your posts, you may even receive a greater fee than normal.

A blog is another method to make money by blogging about fitness.

As a writer, you won’t get paid directly for your posts, but your blog will assist you in earning money by developing your online reputation and giving you a platform to market your products and services to your readers.

#35. Be a motivational fitness speaker

how to make money in fitness

Fitness is not only physical; you can only meet your fitness goals when you’re mentally focused and motivated to do so.

Fitness resource speakers are another way to market your brand, increase your client base and generate money.

Local companies, schools, and communities might benefit from your services, whether they are free or not.

Speak to your audience about fitness and how they may benefit from it.

Think about how a basic exercise regimen keeps businessmen’s thoughts fresh.

In a nearby retirement home, you may explore how older adults can keep healthy and active.

Discuss with your children the consequences of living an unhealthy lifestyle in the future.

The more well-known you are, the more benefits your firm will receive.

#36. Brand spokesperson on social media

how to make money in fitness

If you’re interested in making money from fitness, don’t discount the potential of social media just yet.

Fitness trainers who want to make a name for themselves can use social media to their benefit.

As a fitness expert, it’s easy to build a huge following on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

As your following and interaction grow, you may be approached by firms seeking brand ambassadors.

Having a sponsor is now referred to as becoming a brand ambassador.

For cash, affiliate commissions, and free merchandise, you promote a business by giving shout-outs, reviewing it on your blog, and generally spreading the word about it.

Bonus for you

#37. Become a pact user

When users fail to meet their fitness and nutrition objectives, Pact finds them money.

Looking for the bright side?

You can get a tiny compensation if you stick to it (and prove it with images and GPS data) from the pool of money from others who didn’t.

In one app, you’ll find both positive and negative reinforcement!


Can you make money in the fitness industry? the answer is YES!! and lots of them.

Working in the health and fitness business can be financially challenging for a variety of reasons:

  • our salaries are not fixed; we are only paid while we are training customers;
  • our salaries might fluctuate depending on the season.
  • There are no overtime fees for clients who cancel their sessions.
  • There is no such thing as sick leave.
  • There is no remuneration during holidays.
  • Frequently, there is no pension.
  • Is it a cutthroat industry that prioritizes quantity above quality?

There are many constraints, but there are also numerous opportunities.

Coaches do not all make excellent money, and not all coaches are successful.

Studies carry that there is a 40% yearly turnover rate among health and fitness professionals, which means that four out of ten will have left a career they once loved by this time next year. The battle is genuine.

The good news is that the fitness and wellness sector is now flourishing because people now see the need of being and staying fit.

We are fatter and sicker as a society than we have ever been, and the health and fitness sector plays a critical role in assisting individuals in developing and maintaining good living habits.

People desire to enhance their health and are prepared to pay a high price to do so.

If you don’t want to end up as just another statistic, engage in self-discovery to figure out who you are as a coach and who your greatest clients are.

Know these attributes you have

  • What is your one-of-a-kind talent?
  • What are your advantages?
  • What are your core beliefs?
  • What are your mission, vision, and objectives?

The more you can identify and cultivate your inner coach, the more freedom, pleasure, and success you will have.

Do you have any particular clients that you like working with?

The people who come to every session and appreciate your help and advice.

Clients that are willing to try new things that you advise and who are making progress toward their health and fitness objectives.


do you have customers that don’t appear to be making any progress because they aren’t willing to try new healthy habits?

Clients who play the victim role frequently complain about a lack of time, motivation, resources, development, and so on.

Which clients would you like to collaborate with the most?

Assume that group one contains all of your clients. What effect would this have on your job satisfaction?

How would you feel like a health and fitness expert if all of your customers were making improvements were excited to work with you?

You can boost your productivity and establish yourself as a subject matter expert who people would seek out and pay high money to work with if you pick your clients carefully.

As conclusion

I know I have exhausted your time but I must give you what resonates with your search for how to make money in fitness, why you should be a fitness coach and how much you can make as a fitness trainer/instructor.

For reading to the end, I won’t just let you go without giving a secrete juice for your patience

Here are the top 5 picks for you to make money in the fitness industry

  1. Start An Online Fitness Studio

As a trainer, starting an online fitness studio is the greatest method to make extra money.

It’s essentially an online video “hub” where you can provide: Follow-along training plans Specialized courses Nutritional guidance Because it’s all done online, you can coach more individuals while spending less time on the gym floor.

  1. Establish A Fitness App

Fitness applications allow you to create an online fitness studio that is on steroids.

We’ve done a lot of research to show that your future online clients prefer videos that they can watch on their smartphones, tablets, and televisions. This allows them to carry their training with them wherever they go. Your clients may continue where they left off, whether they’re at home, in the gym, or a faraway hotel.

  1. Do you have a tried-and-true method that produces results that you can sell as downloadable workout plans?

Then you can package it and offer it to Your online audience People in your gym who want a training plan but not one-on-one training All you have to do is convert your progressive plan into a downloadable PDF that people can print or read on their cellphones.

  1. Sell Your Favorite Fitness Products .

Becoming an affiliate is a simple (yet effective) method to boost your revenue

Affiliates are people who: Use a product regularly and receive a commission for promoting it. In other words, if you make a sale, you earn a cut of the profits.

Consider the following items you use daily to assist your personal and your clients’ training:

resistance bands,
yoga mats,
exercise balls,
training aids,
portable equipment (like TRX),
fitness trackers,
and watches.

  1. Host A Workshop

Workshops are a great method to break through your financial obstacles in person.

You may connect with new clients, assist a huge number of individuals, and share your expertise with other trainers all while making some additional money.    Doesn’t it seem like a decent deal?

Workshops work by breaking down a specific aspect of fitness for people in an easy-to-understand and applicable way,

For example

  • nutrition: every week, you could run a “Eat For Fat Loss” workshop
  • Once a month, you could run a “Strength Training For Amateur Athletes” course;
  • once a year, you could run a “How To Train In A Hotel Room” course.

Let me try to make these 5 key options simple

These five excellent methods help for breaking past economic obstacles and achieving higher levels of earnings.

  1. Create digital fitness products: turn your tried-and-true fitness program into a downloadable PDF Become an affiliate: promote your favorite fitness products for a commission, with brand thems
  2. Launch an online fitness studio: connect with people online and earn an average of NGN2,000,500 per month
  3. Launch a fitness app: become a trailblazing trainer who connects with clients wherever they are
  4. Create digital fitness products: turn your tried-and-true fitness program into a downloadable PDF
  5. Become an affiliate and promote your favorite fitness products

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