How do websites make money from traffic? | The top 20 ways You can also make money from your website or blog

I have made money from my websites, my friends have tons of money.

Over the years in my high school age, I always find it fascinating how do websites make money from traffic, by people just visiting and getting value. Not until my friend told me

Hey, friend! see, websites make tons of money from the data you consume on their site

I actually believe that when I subscribe for data, any website I visit will always take some of my data for their service, or when I download games, music, videos, and podcasts, they charge me through data.

Funny enough, I lived by that misconception throughout my high school years not knowing that it doesn’t work that way. I was even thrilled to start a waploaded kind of website where I will introduce my peers to download stuff and I will in turn make money from them.

If this doctor quits his job to make money from his website, then it’s worth trying. watch this and you’ll know how to make that money

While So many people are still in the dark thinking tooth and nail, “how do websites make money to compensate for their tireless effort to providing resourceful content”.

Some know very little about website monetization and that will be google AdSense pay per click. I knew that very early as well.

Also, I have learned a lot from mistakes and past experiences over the years, especially when I launched my first e-commerce store. I have made reoccurring income daily to date even without AdSense.

Hold on a second! What if I tell you that Adsense is one of the least in the list of how websites make their money“?

Will, that stop you from having a website? or will it make you feel relaxed about AdSense verification stress?

In this article, you will get to know how websites make money in 20 different ways. Do not miss a thing. Know all of them and select the one that resonates with you. Some of them have country restrictions.

I will tell you honestly, I have done a few of these I will be listing and they are working for me especially number 1 in the list.

Money doesn’t come as easy as you may want so do not expect money if you don’t put a little bit of work into your daily activities. What I am going to list here will require a little bit of work and trust me it pays. I could share my portfolio with you on a personal chat if you don’t mind, not bragging or any form of boasting! If it works for the lazy me, why won’t it work for you?

If you still insist on making quick money to solve pressing needs, there is an article that can solve that problem but you should know that it is not a permanent income stream and cannot solve the majority of your needs. Check here to learn how to make quick money and perhaps start a stable business

Without wasting much time, let’s get in-depth on this topic!

How do websites make money from traffic in 2021?

You will know the different monetization strategies, how website owners make most of their money and how you can make money from your website as well.

The list keeps going on and on and you might not be able to exhaust all of it – I can’t also. I select some to my study list for a while, pick the best after a serious effort and repeat the same with another list.

You can do the same if you want to make money from your websites. If you just want to know how websites make money, you can stick around and read from the different epistles.

Let’s go

 #1. copying others

The game has always been “watch what I do”! What you didn’t understand is that what you know, someone else had know same. The only difference is who first tried it out and who later got successful doing it.

What’s you are about to ask in a second, – Lots of entrepreneurs will say “be unique and be real”!

Of course, I never say that websites copied each other contents, that plagiarism as stated by google, bing, yahoo, and other search engines.

I will discuss how a website makes money by copying others in a moment.

Do not try to play smart stealing peoples content it is against DMCA

How do websites make money from traffic copying others

This is what I do. Every time I go online, I see new business tips and approaches people are applying to their websites monetization strategy, I quickly go through it and try it out.

When I first heard of pay per click, I never knew I could make money from it. Now, about 3 of my websites use this strategy today.

This is like thinking and planning a business so I won’t dwell much on this because I have a lot to uncover for you today as to go websites make money today. If you have questions on this, ask me in the comment section.

how can I make money from my website copying other websites?

  1. Have a website. It could be a blog.
  2. setup your website for full optimization
  3. follow lots of websites that operate in your niche
  4. study their pattern of monetization and advance your knowledge
  5. Ask questions and also take surveys

#2. Email Marketing

What is email marketing?

It is not selling emails. One of Wikipedia articles carries that email marketing is about sending commercial messages to a group of people using their emails.

While this is the periphery of it all, email marketing is farther than sending just an email but sending trustable emails to your customers or potential customers. Remember you are building customer trust in your emails/products, loyalty and bro and awareness to increase your market.

You do not send emails for fun. It is not a sandcastle you build near the ocean but a solid foundation for your business. You have to tackle your email marketing with optimal professionalism.

How do websites make money from traffic doing email marketing?

Have you been listening when website owners say “the money is in the list” ? do you understand what they are saying and why they say so?

Certainly, the money is on the list. Most of the returning traffic we get is from our subscriber’s list. Out of 100% of the emails we disburse, at least 30% will convert for sure if you know what you are doing.

This traffic is used to make money through

  1. affiliate sales
  2. sponsored content
  3. brand sponsorship
  4. product sponsorship
  5. ebook marketing, online coaching, webinars and masterclasses, etc

How can I make money from my website through email marketing?

Since you now know that email is a quality resource for generating a good number of returning and loyal traffic, think of what you can offer to this traffic for money.

build your email list. How to build an email list?

One of the websites I designed and sold out “”, actually generated traffic through emails and without any paid traffic or guest post.

#3 Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a program that has long been implemented in our daily buying and selling regimen.

We never thought of this pattern of monetization not until the internet market surfaced and companies like Amazon, eBay and the rest started using affiliate programs.

Check out this basic affiliate marketing training. A secret source

Some of the affiliate marketing books are seen online following this link. With these books, you can learn more about affiliate marketing and apply it to your business.

How Do Websites Make Money From traffic Through Affiliate marketing?

let me share with you some of the affiliate products first before I explain. take a look at these items below

[the_ad id=”26103″]

the mini store you are seeing above there is not my store but an affiliate store called Amazon affiliate. The process is simple because the products are already designed for marketing. Your work is to get the visitors from your website to buy from the store using your affiliate like the one you see above

How Can I Make Money From My Website through affiliate programs?

There are a couple of affiliate programs owned by different businesses. I will list a few of them

  1. Amazon affiliate
  2. Share A Sale
  3. eBay affiliate programs
  4. Jumia affiliate
  5. Blue host

There are thousands of affiliate programs out there. I will write an article on the Best affiliate programs you can partner with. If you are interested, comment below and I will give you the best that will fetch you good money.

We also have a store where we sell only affiliate products. check it out

How websites make money from traffic affiliate

Some guides you should follow to starting your affiliate marketing are

  1. Set up your community: these are the people you will reach out to with your products. They are not limited to your blog only – Social media, email lists, advert promotions, etc
  2. Register for affiliate programs: when registering for affiliate programs, you will need an email account, tax identification, bank details, and your country should not be restricted. Some of the affiliate programs will require you to have a website or a blog- e.g Amazon, Share a sell, eBay, etc
  3. Market your products: Of course, these are your products and you need to make sales. You will be given an affiliate code that links to a product or a set of products you would want to sell.
    1. Get those links and paste them into your blog
    2. Share them with friends to market them for you
    3. Promote these products on social media and make sure you have at least 3 sales in one month.

Be serious with it and you’ll make good turnover | from 3 figures upward in less than a month and consistently.

#4 Online Store

How do websites make money from traffic online

An online store or an e-commerce store is a platform where you sell your products online for consumers. It means shops now have a space to market products on the internet.

The funny thing here is that lots of people are sceptical of the fact that these platforms are converting that your local stores.

A little comparison:

  1. your local store is located in one place and the few people passing there, sees your shop while an online store is on a global view and thousands of people surfing the internet will see your products
  2. You sell to people within your reach every day in your local store while the online store has thousands of new visitors daily. And many more comparison

When I first launched e-commerce that service people majorly in my area in 2018, I notice an incredible spike in my analytics, the number of people who are looking for services like this to comfortably select their products choices comfortably from their homes and also get their products delivered to them are very many.

It causes me to now wonder what the local stores will do in the next 10 years. Certainly, they might not survive this “wall street” crash!

How Do Websites Make Money From traffic operating online stores?

No niche doesn’t have products to sell. Think about this!

The majority of website owners and bloggers creates a space to advertise and sell their products online. They get their products, store them in their warehouses and distribute them once there is an order.

some of them do dropship. They don’t need a warehouse or to get their products stored by them. All they do is ship products directly from the manufacturer to the consumers and get the money.

If you are interested in knowing how to make money doing dropshipping, comment below and I will get that done.

How Can I Make Money From My Website selling my products?

You do not necessarily need to go too far from what others are doing. Your website is a strong tool to leverage on e-commerce. With the required traffic in place, you can sell any kinds of products you have in your local store.

You can also dropship

#5 Sell Advertising Space

Ads space or advertising space a part of your website you choose to let other people occupy to promote their products to your visitors/traffic. Different marketers are looking for where to place their products online to generate a good number in ROI.

This means that if a site like yours have this number of traffic, a lot and a lot of marketers will mail the admin to request for ads placement.

Some will choose to place at the very homepage and some anywhere. If a company chooses to place a banner everywhere on your site, it means more money in your account!

How Do Websites Make Money from traffic selling ads space?

Perhaps you might be thinking that having a website is the only asset to sell advertising space on your website to other marketers and other business enthusiasts.

You are not wrong but you should know while your suggestion is technically true, there’s a lot more to monetize a website with ad space than simply filling web pages up with random ads.

  1. WPForms is one of the ways website owners get their advertisers’ products to meet more views.

how do websites make money  from wp form

After all, if no one buys the products and services you promote on your website, businesses are not going to continue paying you for ad space.

Some of the ways these websites get their advertisers’ products public are:

  • Own A Website: this may seem obvious, but this is how websites owners make money selling ad space, you have to have your own website.
  • Site Traffic: there is no way anyone is going to pay websites for ad space if there isn’t sufficient traffic coming to the site every day.
  • Quality Blog Content: businesses want to tap into the traffic that comes to a site every day to promote their products and services. They also want to know that the people that come to your site don’t leave right away because you aren’t offering high-quality and valuable blog content.
  • Design and Functionality: Your site visitors should be able to navigate your website easily. This increases the exposure they’ll have to the different ads you have displaying on your site.

How Can I Make Money From My Website Also?

You can sell your ad space in three different ways but you have to consider some objectives:

  • Are you advertising content-related products?
  • Do you wish to have a separate page for ads?
  • Receiving maximum revenues with programmatic?
  • Are you looking at specific brands sponsoring you with direct sales?

Your answers to these questions will tell you which ankle you should pitch your tent.

Anyways, one of the ways is to sell your ad space directly to marketers. You can do this by using the wp form I stated earlier. The benefits of this direct sale are:

  • You have full control to either overprice or underprice your customer
  • You will be communicating directly with advertisers since there is no middleman or third party influence
  • You can show interested advertisers your site’s metrics to further boost your rewards
  • You will be the one to handle your generated income since there is no third-party company involvement
  • You can offer discounts to loyal advertisers, which can foster long-term relationships and guaranteed passive income.

Another way you can leverage ad space is the programmatic advert.

Whether you are a seasoned or pilgrim blogger who just started gaining an audience or a respectable publisher who owns different platforms, programmatic advertising has a very good offer to monetize your spaces. The secret is in the automation of the buying and selling processes. smarty ads have explained how programmatic advertising works

The last option in this thread is affiliate marketing. It is the fastest, and possibly the easiest way to start earning money with your website.

Become an affiliate publisher by joining an affiliate program. “This is different from the first one I stated”. The difference is that in this one, you meet a company that has affiliate programs to reach out to more clients not a third party ad company like share a sale. Shareasale connects you to the different affiliate companies.

#6 Do Product Reviews

Doing product reviews can fetch you a ton of money. It can as well give you free products you never expected(i am a beneficiary of this).

Product review is an act of giving in-depth details about product quality to help potential buyers juxtapose on which one could solve their needs.

I shared a few YouTubers who made lots of money doing reviews you can check it out. Product feedback plays a very important role in the buying process and also helps manufacturers make improvements to their product lineups.

Think media has a lot to give you if you are going into a product review.

How Do Websites Make Money from traffic reviewing products?

Blogging is one of the ways websites use. It is a great way to share the first-hand experience through words and pictures in details

Vlogging is another way websites get their reviews converted to money. Tech reviews, skincare reviews, book reviews, and movie reviews convert a lot than I thought. maybe I will join!

I know of a few website owners who use a platform called  SponsoredReviews. It is worthy of your consideration. They post sponsored posts or repost content that has appeared on other websites already and get paid handsomely

How Can I Make Money From My Website reviewing products?

Nowadays, you can get paid to write reviews by sharing your opinion on the Internet.

Wellkeptwallet has listed 45 different ways to make money on your website through reviewing products. I will go through a few of them

ReviewStream can get you paid to write reviews on almost any product. In addition to writing the review, you will receive a cash bonus when a user votes on your content.

User votes show that your review is useful and relevant to potential buyers. While you can write a review on almost any product, be aware that ReviewStream pays higher fees for more detailed reviews that adhere to publishing guidelines.

Your earning potential can also be higher by writing reviews of compensation products. Pay through PayPal when you’re ready to request payment.

UserTesting pays you $ 10 per review when creating a 20-minute video. This can be a great opportunity if you prefer to express words rather than writing your opinion. You can leave reviews with any device as long as you can download the necessary recording software and record it in real-time by testing the service.

lots of cash to see how people interact with your product, and UserTesting can be one of the most lucrative ways to make money from reviews.

Software Judge pays you up to $ 50 for your honest evaluations of the digital software you regularly use. The minimum payment is $ 1 per review, and you can submit up to three reviews per day.

You write the review and the Software Judge encourages you to “say it as it is. In addition to paying for cash, digital products like software, games, and e-books can be a more lucrative form of payment.

Software Judge will occasionally also give you free product keys and games – Downloads as a bonus if you are a regular reviewer.

PINCHme enables you to rate free samples. Every Tuesday you can choose a new box of samples to review and they will be sent to you free of charge. After you’ve tested the products, leave your review on PINCHme and you can do it all over again. Membership is free and available to everyone in the continental US.

One downside to PINCHme is that you don’t get paid or rewarded for your reviews, but free samples can be nice if you enjoy trying out

CiaoCiao is a UK-based paid reviews website open to the international community. You can get paid to write reviews about the products listed on your website. Extra money for certain categories that change regularly. The payment for each review can vary based on the traffic generated.

One good thing to check out at Ciao is that the low five-pound payment requirements are around $ 6 depending on the exchange rate.

Dooyoo is available to reviewers around the world. Finding reviews on Dooyoo can be easier because you search for products and click the “Write a Review” button from the list of products. You might want to try Dooyoo because you get paid with Amazon gift cards.

As this is an international website, this may be a more convenient payment option due to Amazon’s global presence. An Amazon gift card can be as good as cash, as you can buy pretty much anything on Amazon.

FameBit, owned by YouTube, takes a slightly different approach to reviews. You can get paid by negotiating your payment and the channels you want to use to rate a particular product.

You can get paid to share your review on your social media accounts, blogs or YouTube. Valuation expectations with FameBit may be higher, but the profit potential can be more lucrative. It’s free to enter, and new sponsorships are added every day in a variety of product categories. via PayPal, check or direct deposit

CrowdTap is a fun way to review products as it allows you to complete daily missions. Choosing a mission on your smartphone gives you the opportunity to be rewarded for leaving a high-quality review on the featured product.

After successfully submitting a review, you can be rewarded with gift cards, product samples and other merchandise rewards. Products can also earn points by completing daily surveys and responding to survey invitations.

You can earn extra points by sharing your CrowdTap reviews on your blog and social media channels.

Influence Central: Another review site that connects influencers with companies is Influence Central. By joining the community, you can rate products in areas where you are an expert. You can get paid by writing a review for your blog or social media channels.

Payment varies by brand. However, this can be a great way to work directly with your preferred dealer.


Time will not permit me to explicitly explain all of these ways. Check the list below and let me know the one you are interested in and I will write specifically on it.

  • How Do Websites Make Money from Traffic offering live training and workshops?
  • How Do Websites Make Money selling other websites
  • How Do Websites Make Money from Traffic displaying AdSense pay per click?
  • How Do Websites Make Money from traffic by accepting donations from them
  • How Do Websites Make Money from Traffic by selling sponsored posts to them?
  • How Do Websites Make Money from Traffic displaying audio ads?
  • How Do Websites Make Money Offering coupons
  • How Do Websites Make Money Offer writing gigs
  • How Do Websites Make Money selling services?
  • How Do Websites Make Money from Traffic Creating a Job board?
  • How Do Websites Make Money From Membership site?
  • How Do Websites Make Money from Traffic by offering directory listing?
  • How Do Websites Make Money from Traffic Hosting webinars?
  • How Do Websites Make Money writing tutorials to promote something?
  • How Do Websites Make Money from Traffic showing them premium content?
  • How Do Websites Make Money from Traffic leads?
  • How Do Websites Make Money from Traffic Selling publications?
  • How Do Websites Make Money from Traffic offering live training and workshops?
  • How Do Websites Make Money selling other websites
  • How Do Websites Make Money from Traffic displaying AdSense pay per click?
  • How Do Websites Make Money from traffic by accepting donations from them?
  • How Do Websites Make Money from Traffic by selling sponsored posts to them?
  • How Do Websites Make Money from Traffic displaying audio ads?
  • How Do Websites Make Money Offering coupons
  • How Do Websites Make Money Offer writing gigs

Share your thoughts in the comments section below

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