How can a computer science student earn money? Promising Tips to help you make 5 to 6 figures while in school as a computer science student

Making money as a student can be very tricky. You have a static routine of getting up, eating up your pocket money, going for classes, returning, sleeping and repeating the process all over the next day. It sometimes feels that your future is tied only to your degree certificate.

Wait! What if I tell you that you can learn and earn accordingly. Have you ever thought of making money with your “on the go” computer science studies? NO!

While in school, I always research topics like, “How can a computer science student earn money while studying in school”, “how to make passive income while in class” and so on. Lately, did I know that I can actually make money from my computer science knowledge (although I was a new graduate then)?

You can do a lot if you are a computer science student. Remember it’s a soft skill and you can do this in the comfort of your home.

So in this article, you will learn a lot including how to earn some money as a computer student and still score a high CGPA. Let’s get started

What is computer science?

I will explain in lay man’s way that computing is the study of computational systems, including their hardware and software.

With virtually every industry requiring computer scientists, degree programs teach the sensible and theoretical knowledge to know the planning, development, and programming languages that computer systems require to function.

Computer science majors enter the workforce with professional titles like computer research scientists, computer systems analysts, network architects, software developers, web developers, database administrators, and programmersto call a couple of.

Computer science jobs typically require a bachelor’s degree; however, some positions like system administrations and web developers can find employment with an associate or relevant experience. the selection is yours on what proportion of education you would like to receive to use for your dream position, and this choice also will affect your salary outlook.

What can computer scientists do?

Computer scientists are now gods in our time because virtually everything revolves around them. A computer scientist can do anything with the systems.

The best question you should be asking is in the video I want to share with you watch  it if your career path in computer science

How do computer scientists make money?

Professional computer scientists make a good amount of money ranging from an average of $30,00 in the UK to $65,000 in the US. This is outside their own business.

There is no industry that computer scientists is not needed or will not be needed. And the weighing boost of tech-based jobs is loud calls for programmers and computer literates.

The sector is growing faster than average at 13% from 2016 to 2026 because of the nature of the world and its economy, everything continues to rely more heavily on technology and computer systems.

Salaries of computer scientists are in this range according to

United states

  • Computer Programmer: $87,530
  • Computer Support Specialist: $52,160
  • Web Developer: $74,110
  • Computer Systems Administrator: $79,700
  • Database Administrator: $89,050
  • Software Developer: $106,710
  • Computer Systems Analyst: $92,740
  • Information Security Analyst: $99,690
  • Computer Network Architect: $107,870
  • IT Manager: $135,800

United Kingdom

  • Information Technology Directors: £76,061
  • IT Business Analysts: £35,543
  • Programmers: £30,400
  • Software Development Managers: £52,099

To get salaries from around the world, we looked at one consistent source for information, PayScale. Here’s what it showed in other regions around the world:

South Africa$20,512

Some of the jobs roles computer scientists make their money from are:

(from northeastern)

1. Software Architect

Software architects design and develop software from a high-level perspective, providing software engineers with an architectural blueprint to follow.

Average Annual Salary: $125,328

Salary Range: $88,000-$165,000

2. Software Developer

Software developers are largely responsible for computer applications, or programs, that allow users to perform tasks on a computer or electronic device.

Average Annual Salary: $107,510

Salary Range: $64,240-$164,590

3. UNIX System Administrator

A UNIX system administrator is responsible for maintaining a UNIX computer operating system at a given organization or facility.

Average Annual Salary: $103,273

Salary Range: $78,516-$126,829

4. Security Engineer

Security engineers are responsible for developing and implementing security systems and protocols for their organizations.

Average Annual Salary: $99,834

Salary Range: $73,000-$130,000

5. DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers oversee the code deployment process, acting as a bridge between developers, IT staff, and the operations team.

Average Annual Salary: $99,604

Salary Range: $72,000-$146,000

6. Computer Scientist

A computer scientist is responsible for developing computer-based tools used by their organization.

Depending on the kind of company this might range from designing a database or developing an algorithm that helps the organization operate with more efficiency and productivity.

Average Annual Salary: $99,050

Salary Range: $68,000-$138,000

7. Mobile Application Developer

Mobile application developers are responsible for developing applications that are used on mobile devices.

Average Annual Salary: $96,016

Salary Range: $64,000-$140,000

8. Android Software Developer/Engineer

Android software developers are similar to mobile application developers in terms of responsibilities, but with a clear and strong focus on working within the Android platform.

Average Annual Salary: $94,497

Salary Range: $72,000-$149,000

9. Software Development Engineer (SDE)

Software Development Engineers, otherwise known as SDEs, can work in any number of industries to design, build, and maintain an organization’s computer systems and software.

Average Base Salary: $92,046

Salary Range: $77,000-$143,000

10. Senior Software Web Developer

Senior software web developers use their skills to write and debug code for websites, logic servers, and databases.

Average Annual Salary: $87,712

Salary Range: $58,000-$139,000

11. Software Development Engineer, Test (SDET)

Software Development Engineers, Test—otherwise known as SDETs—are software developers who specifically focus on testing.

Average Annual Salary: $83,070

Salary Range: $61,000-$107,000

How can a computer science student earn money While in school?

The study of computer science is an emersion to the new world of technology. It is not recent info seeing the propagation of businesses, money and firms to an online space called “the internet“. We are truly a life changer in this era. That’s true!

Money is now in cryptocurrency and knowing blockchain programming is a key achievement in that your freelance service is vastly needed now. You will get to know more as we go deeper.

Tip #1. Develop a website

Thousands of websites are being developed daily, and thousands are also being suspended. This creates a market for developers and computer science students who are still learning the course.

How can a computer science student earn money?

Before I continue, let me clear the air by saying that any student who had these skills before college will always enjoy schooling.

As a website developer, you will always have lots of jobs in the school because everyone will eventually need a space online for business, now or later.

To even make it simple, you can work with already designed CMS like WordPress or blogger. Here, you don’t even need that ton of development skills since they have a huge community, themes and million plugins that will serve your need.

If you need a guide to design a blogger or WordPress, you can check their community page, help centre or hit me up in the comment section below.

Tip #2. Engage in part-time jobs

There are a lot of online firms out there looking for tech-savvy individuals especially in programming but are not buoyant enough to employ pro programmers. How can a computer student make money in situations like this? you might ask!

Remember you are still in school and all you need is some change to wage your pocket. So hitting the up and requesting to give them a pro service but on a part-time basis will gladly be accepted.

They will accept because you have the skill and instead of them paying $1000 weekly to a full-time worker, they will rather pay $400 for a part-time programmer who can still deliver the job satisfactorily.

Go ahead and apply for jobs either freelance or office but on a part-time basis to avoid conflict with your class activities

Tip #3. Become a freelance software developer

Freelance means being self-employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments in case you never knew. A freelancer does the job on hire either remotely or in the office.

One of the core programming skills has been tailored to software developers and are now in huge demand. Reasons being that everything is going digital even fiat currency is being transacted in crypto

Becoming a software developer is easy but tasking. You have to learn UI/UX, software programming language etc and implementation sometimes is not done by one person at inception.

Do you know why? Codes are always very bulky and you need hands to help you with the first software programs. Afterwards, you can do related software projects by dragging some programs to develop another program of this kind and that’s where the money comes from.

Platforms like fiver, People Per Hour, Upwork, Latium, Guru, Freelancer etc are very effective in landing you a software development job. At any given time, lots of potential clients in these sites hiring freelancers to program, write tech blogs or design websites.

Grab a space on each of them and you’ll not be able to do lots of paid jobs(freelance)

Tip #4. Host a training webinar

You can set up a webinar session online to teach people what you know about anything. Teaching them programming will fetch you money because it is not something that is accomplished in one day.

You can host the webinar for a day or two, then refer them to get a paid training class session at a very low fee. You will be amazed by the number of turn-ups. Don’t be surprised if you see me join the webinar!

How can a computer science student earn money hosting webinars

Webinar classes will not encroach into your study time or class time. You can record, save and upload for a webinar session. All you have to do is to set up your online webinar space.

I did this a lot when I was running a one-page site, selling paid courses for branding. as a computer science student, you are always dealing with software materials whether books or systems. You are always on the go.  Therefore, webinars on computer-related topics should not be a gnashing of teeth kind of thing.

Tip #5. Fix software problems

Every computer devices have software embedded in it whether phone or laptop, which causes the full workability of the system. Are you thinking of my direction?

What I mean here is that jobs will always be around both on campus and outside the campus. This is because we use and spoil them every day, system updates are done every day and people will always want to update their phones for the latest functionalities.

Some of the software problems you can engage in are

  1. update system
  2. recover lost password
  3. flash a phone or system
  4. change windows version in laptops
  5. update system drivers
  6. install different plugins
  7. install apps
  8. and lots more

They are easy right? Trust me when it says “not everyone can do it”. There is an opportunity for you to tap in

Tips #6. Start a YouTube channel

How can a computer science student earn money youtubing

Youtube is very rewarding this day. As a computer science student, you are always in the midst of tech gurus and this is easier for you to have someone film you or lend you a gadget to work with.

This isn’t the same with other students in departments like a mechanical or medical laboratory. They are far from systems but it doesn’t stop them from making money from youtube like you.

I have created a master class for people who wants to make money on youtube although I don’t disclose this premium and sure money-making package.

If you are interested in the package, send a mail to

You do not have to disclose it as well because if everyone does this, youtube will notice and perhaps get you out of the system.

Tip #7. Develop and sell android apps

You will agree that android is a widely use phone in the African nation. It is not a fact to debate about so if you have a skill in android app development and you are not making apps in the play store, You are missing a lot of gigs. Start earning from it.

A simple app like a calculator can make you money in school. You can make a simple calculator for each topic in math for your schoolmate.

This will help them find solutions to assignments very easily and also exposes them to more job offers. Note that by doing this, you are selling skills to people

You can also create a tool or service that will be used on a website. You may not make money out of such a tool straight away, monetization can come at a later stage when you can find users for it.

Facebook, Microsoft and Google are born out of such initiatives, but they aren’t the only ones. We had Flappy Birds that rocked phones.

A simple game for a smartphone or a utility app can start your way to getting exposed.

Tip #8. Become an ethical hacker

When I started programming I was interested in machine learning and Artificial intelligence. Little did I know that ethical hacking is vastly needed in the industry.

Corporate firms, banks, production industry, e-commerce etc. They all need you as an ethical hacker to solve their security challenges.

You can learn to hack and once you are good enough, you can start becoming a freelance cybersecurity consultant.

This idea is not mainstream and only a few people will be up for this. As I said earlier, I knew about its demand late but I still want to go into it.

It will be quite difficult to do this, but once you earn a certain repute as a freelance pentester, your earnings will be good. You can start by offering to secure the computers of others and remember to constantly practice in your hacking lab.

Tip #9. Start a shared hosting service

Namecheap is one of the best platforms that will allow you to host 3 websites in your shared hosting account. Why not host hone for yourself and sell out the remaining two?

This is one of the ways you can make money as a computer science student without bulking your hard drive with peoples databases.

I am sure lots of people do not know this yet. When they do, NameCheap might reduce it to one.

The beauty of hosting websites lies in the passive income stream. It is like renting a house for tenants and all you do is get the money when their fee expires.

Here is a bit better in that everything will be automated from notifying the customers about their bill expiration to removing them from the service and accepting other websites

Tip #10. Manage a blog/website

It’s basically the online equivalent of a mystery shopper – platforms like UserTestingEnroll and Whatusersdo, will offer you websites and apps to check, complete a set of tasks and record your thoughts as you navigate through.

How can a computer science student earn money
user-testing platform

For your efforts, they pay you for each review you complete. You (probably) won’t make a living off it, but if you have a spare 20 minutes in your day, it’s an easy way to earn some extra cash and while in school.

I wouldn’t want you to manage a blog for someone. Get a bog for yourself regardless if you must own write a blog. The same effort you will put into managing and moderating another person’s blog if doubled in your own blog, the sky will be your starting point.

You can write articles related to programming and solving class challenges. You can also share programming tips and new programming ideas with your fellow computer science student in your school or other schools.

For this, you can either start your own blog or join an online freelance website.  Always ensure you freelance only when you are done with school work and your blog.

You don’t need to commit to blogging, but you can share the programming assignments that you have developed for your curriculum on a website or a blog. Inform your colleagues to read them up and share.

Tip #11. Tutoring

You can start your tutorials in school or online. and I will explain

how can a computer student earn money

For online tutorials,

There are several forums online which pay you just to answer questions people ask.

Have you heard of Earn And  Learn Program? Perhaps no! This platform pays you to answer questions and also exposes you to different programs you never thought as well as giving you a solutions-based platform to learn new things.

Payment from this site is made once a month. I have done this several and countless times, and And I have always been paid. You can earn around 5000 in a month, but It will consume much of your time.

For offline tutorials

You can either start your own programming classes or join school tutorials

Camp-bell said when I asked him, “the absolute easiest way to make money while also improving your skills is to tutor“.

Join the tutoring department at your school and make around $20/hour (or whatever) by helping to explain code and debug the efforts of others. You’ll make good money, and you’ll get a lot better at exactly the kinds of things you will need to know once you graduate.

Tip #12. Develop a script for sale

Programmers can offer simple utility codes or scripts for sale on a per-use basis. Online marketplaces are really in need of utility code scripts for their functionalities

Apart from scripts, you can also opt to create paid plugins for CMSes like WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, or any other CMS of your choice.

You can also offer themes or templates if you are good at text and syntax like HTML and CSS

URL Shortener Software and Instagram Image-Video and Story Downloader are a couple of sample scripts that aren’t very popular but still are being offered by developers.

And the list of such scripts is endless.

You may not make a lot of money programming such scripts. Still, it opens possibilities to know what works and what doesn’t. On top of that, it will enhance your programming skills and provide exposure to real-world requirement based programming.

Tip #13. Offer gigs

If you are sure about your coding repertoire, you can create a code on sites like PeoplePerHour as Hourlies or on Fiverr as Gigs. If anybody is interested in them, they can hire you.

How can a computer science student earn money from gigs

If you are very new to this system and not sure what you should offer, check this Gig The guy is programming in C, C++, Java about Stack, Queue, Functions (By Value, By reference), which is programming homework.

If you aren’t sure what people will be more than willing to pay for a script. Check what people are offering on a site like Fiverr to get an idea of what you may want to create.


If you are very new to college, watch this video about things you should know before starting college

It is always said “better to work smart than hard” lot of people these days no longer patronise hard work and labour. The word has evolved to an extent where money can be made very easily.

The only problem now is n the competition. So while waiting for that certificate, get yourself involved in some soft skills, make the money while studying and get the job done.

How can a computer science student earn money?

I have covered a lot in this article. If you have any contribution or advice for the students/new college graduates, do not fail to comment below.

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