Business to start as a college student in Nigeria | Best 6 picks for you

Due to the statement made by the Nigerian president concerning the youth, The quest for business to start as a college student in Nigeria has been a routine for online searchers and this has called my attention.

You know what?

being in college is fun; you will be opportune to meet several people from all works of life, but what is more fun is making money while in college. And so in this article, we will tell you the business to start as a college student in Nigeria

There are definitely no limits to the advantages of making money while in college this is because at some point in time, irrespective of how rich your sponsors are there surely would be a happy he need of having some cash at your disposal without the knowledge of your sponsors.

As a young entrepreneur do you think that college would be a hindrance in your pursuit of money? And because of this, you are not considering several ways of how to make money as a college student?

If yes, then you are so undoubtedly wrong! College on the other hand is a platform to explore your entrepreneurial skills since there are a lot of people living within the area of your college.

There are several opportunities to make it big while in college. This is because the business to start as a college student is so big that we cannot cover all of it in this article.

While we go down to the in-depth education of some businesses you can start as a college student, you must bear in mind that these businesses mentioned here are businesses that would not require the entirety of your time as a student, thereby leaving you no time for your studies.

Your primary aim of being in college is to face your studies and anything else is secondary. Therefore the business we are going to look into are businesses that you can do as a college student and still have enough time for your studies.

Business to start as a college student in nigeria


(the best Business to start as a college student in nigeria)

Business to start as a college student in Nigeria

As a young and bright college student, you can make a lot of money if you can master the art of transferring your knowledge to your colleagues and thereby making money out of it.

Several courses in your field pose a little difficulty to the majority of your colleagues or maybe the entirety of the other college students that happened to offer that course. This is an obvious opportunity that you can arrest and make a lot of money out of it.

If you are opportune to have ample knowledge on that course of study, what you should do is to host tutorial classes, where you can teach the willing students and they will, in turn, pay you for your services.

Hosting a tutorial class is one of the easiest and stress-free businesses you can start as a college student that will not require all your time.

Therefore you need not worry anymore about how to make money as a college student.

One thing with hosting tutorial classes that makes it a lot much of an advantage than other business ideas that you can start as a college student is that whirl teaching these courses, you yourself are also learning, therefore you are not distracted from your studies!

Now that is a plus; you get to be more focused on your studies ( because if you do not study, you cannot teach) and you also get to make a lot of money from your dedication to your studies.


Hosting a tutorial class is a very easy task. Once you identify the course or courses that you want to start teaching, the next thing to do is to look for a venue for the classes. Once you have an active venue for your classes, then you are good to go.

Your dream to start a tutorial class is a reality!


Business to start as a college student in Nigeria

If you really want to know how to make money as a college student, another business idea you can consider as a young college undergraduate is the phone repairs business.

This business, if handled accordingly should not require you to forfeit your studies to gain from it, rather you can do this business while also giving your studies undivided attention.

The phone repairs business is a kind of business that requires skill. If you are lucky enough to already have this skill then you have nothing to worry about as you are already at an advantage, but if you do not have this skill, you can as well acquire the skill by learning it from a friend or online.

Once you are done learning this skill and perfecting it, then you are good to go!

GETTING STARTED(Best Business to start as a college student in the tech department)

Starting a phone repairs business is not a difficult task at all. All you need to do is to get a small shop or stand near your college and create awareness by printing banners and flyers to attract customers.

If you really want to attract more customers, you can spice up your business by playing sooting music with speakers. When customers come around, be sure to be polite to maintain them.


Gaming is an exciting sport that many youths including college youths engage in. You can make a lot of money by providing a platform whereby students from your college can gather and enjoy this exciting sport at a cost.

Opening a gaming centre is a very lucrative business that thrives in an environment that is predominantly occupied by youths, therefore your college area is the perfect is to start this exciting business.


All you need to start a gaming centre is a venue; you could rent a venue near campus and equip it with the necessary equipment needed for the business. These may include chairs, a video game, and a TV.

These are the basic equipment needed to start a gaming centre. Every player must pay a certain amount to you before he plays. You can as well spice up your business by adding other indoor games such as table tennis, pool etcetera.


If you are a college student and you are skilled in graphic designing, then you may be on your way to making a lot of money from your skills.

Graphic designing is a very easy business you can start as a college student. This business unlike the other businesses we have talked about before does not require you to have a venue where your business would be situated.

Customers can find you at any place you are and similarly you can deliver your services at any place you find yourself! Therefore if you are worried about the money to rent a venue, worry no more because the graphic designing business is a freelance business.

All you need to start a graphic business is your Personal Computer and awareness. No one would patronize you as a graphic designer if you do not create an awareness of your business to the public. Fiverr and Upwork are a good resource

So you must go out there and make your friends and everyone in your sphere of contact know what you can do.

Starting a graphic designing business should not take all of your time as a college student.


Business to start as a college student in Nigeria

If you are thinking of another business to start in college, making and selling pastries is another procedure on how to make money as a college student. I covered baking and how to start the business earlier here

This business requires a little capital to start and depending on how you go about the marketing, it can be either stress-free or a little bit tedious.

Making of pastries requires carefulness and maybe a permit from the food regulation agency of your country; this is because of the risks involved in the business.

As you plan to go into the pastry business, you must understand that you are making what people are about to eat and therefore you must be sure of what you are doing to avoid the consequences of your carelessness.

Starting a pastry business does not require much. Once you have ample knowledge of the processes involved in making your desired pastry, the next step is to go to the market to purchase the ingredients required to make the pastry and thereafter, carefully making the pastry


There are different ways you can market your pastry. One of these ways includes supplying them to a local shop or a supermarket. This is the easiest and fastest way of marketing your pastry and also gaining profits

Another way of marketing your pastry is by running a house to house delivery of your pastries. This method is more advisable when you have a lot of customers who then place orders of what pastry they want, how many, and where it is to be delivered.

Selling your pastry in a shop is another method by which you can market your pastry. This method requires you to have or rent a shop where you can sell your pastries.


Do you have a digital camera and you happen to find yourself in college? Well, that is an opportunity for you and if you are wise, you should seize that opportunity. You will happen to come across certain events in college.

These events could either be social events or cooperate. But whatever be the case this an opportunity for you as a photographer to make a lot of money. In these events, you are sure to find people who need photographers.

Being a photographer in college requires you to be up to date with the latest events in college and therefore you must get out there and find yourself some events that need photographers

How to make money as a college student has never been so easier because being in college does not stop you from having or starting a business, rather it even gives you a better platform to establish your business. These are just but a few businesses to start as a college student.


If there is any business idea we have not mentioned in this article and you know it is good for college students, please leave a comment below and we will update it.

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