Are You Trying To Find Good Business Ideas? 10 Tips You Never Knew It Works

Are you looking for a way to asses or find good business ideas? Do you find it as being a mysterious task to engage in? You are tired of it already.

think about your marketing strategy and stop being pushed by the waves

Am sure you are 30 years or less than 30 years old.

Let me share a little survey with you: University of phoenix survey finds out 63% of people in their 20s either owned their own business, want to or wanted to someday. 55% of these youth hope to be in the future.

Do you know why this happens? “Younger people are more inclined to want to be entrepreneurs because of their exposure to leadership training and technology–which is now ruling the world.” 

While the entrepreneurial itch,  the urge to be your boss isn’t confined to the young, it is still evident that people in their 20s are more wanting than their older counterparts. Yes, this is true, the feeling of being my boss keeps me very energetic even when am total nonsense.

I wouldn’t want you to start the way i started. So listen attentively…

Forbes talks about how to find good business ideas, It might interest you to check it out.

Forbes shares where to find good business ideas
Forbes shares where to find good business ideas

Catch you! you just checked it right?

I did the same but guess what the problem is? You are so much engraved to surfing the internet just to find a perfect catch. yea! but it seldom works

Stop it! and start learning the tricks to finding good business ideas.

How to find good business ideas, The smart way!

1# Get to know a little bit much about yourself.

Knowing who you are, creates a lot of open doors. Do you know why? not that the doors were shot but you did not know which door was open for you.

How can I know who I am?

Ask yourself these few questions.

>>What am I good at?

If there is a particular thing people come to you for a solution and you find it very easy to solve, then you are good at it

Or if the task the person brings to you is so simple that you are angry about him stressing you to do a simple task, it means you have gold in your hands.

>>What do others tell you that you are good at?

Sometimes people will always tell you about your hidden talent jokingly or sometimes seriously. If you sometimes see yourself doing these things, think about it.

>>What kind of solution or service do you wish existed that currently doesn’t?

Maybe you stumbled on a problem and figure out a solution but the tools to solving these problems don’t seem to exist or the already existing tool isn’t working.

This is a chance for you to make an exploit. Think about those things.

You have a solution to problems but it never occurred to you that you can solve that problem. until you know what you can do, you will not have a niche.

When you know who you are and what you can do, move to step 2

2# Take Time To Scratch Your Itch

This will help you with just a business idea but find good business ideas.

When you know who you are, start digging deep and find good business ideas that matches your niche. How is it done?

  1. Whatever you find annoying in your life right now, find a solution for it. it might not be a perfect solution but if it solves a pending problem, booyah! you got a treasure.
  2. Try and create a better solution to what you do day by day. make it enjoyable, less expensive, and more efficient. Doing this also gives you another gold.
  3. Think of good business ideas you can draft out from those treasures and golds.

3# Make Quora one of your search tool

Quora platform is where billions of people go to ask questions about their problem. Sometimes they don’t get solution, sometimes they do.

Why did you bring quota here? You can see the problems people are gasping for solutions, Yeah!

Check which of them you can solve. Build an email list for people like this to get in touch with you about their biggest challenge as regards this question.

With this, you can analyse the question in a broader way and if you can solve the pending problem(s), then you have good business ideas.

4# Study successful entrepreneurs.

Are, you trying to find good business ideas but not sure whether or not your current idea is worthwhile? Then studying successful entrepreneurs in that line of business(niche) is the best bet.

If you have your way, go ahead and ask them questions like

  1. How did you start?
  2. What mistakes did you make?
  3. How did you cope with your mistakes?
  4. What advice do you have for young and upcoming entrepreneurs?

Just keep asking relevant questions about the niche business?

people meeting to find good business ideas
people meeting to find good business ideas

5# List out things you can do for free

I decide to bring this because when starting a business, sadly but realistic you may not see the profit early on. This business will only keep growing if you can sum up courage to continue maintaining it.

Ahh! My business is not for free oo

Of course, I understand your plight. But in this case, I mean you do a business with losses at the early stage doesn’t .ean you will not hit the thousand dollars later on.

Be patience!!

6# Apply a known model to something different

I won’t say a bunch of words! But if you are trying to find good business ideas, then carrying out physical simulations shouldn’t scare you.

Spend money trying out something. If it works, good but if it doesn’t Best. Smiles! You’ve learnt something from that failure.

7# Analyses trend when trying to find good business ideas

I don’t like old fashion, who would? Do you?

When setting out for ideas hunt, old trends could be use as a prototype to gauge your ideas future result.

How to do this?

Compare the old trend to the current in that niche. By how many percent is the change(profit and loss margins). Become a trend spotter yourself.

How do I become a trend spotter just to find good business ideas? Does it worth it?

Trend spotters are virtual consultants. And if you want to be one, read, read and read well. Pick a case study (that’s is only if you want to play safe and avoid making mistakes) on an industry you feel is in your niche.
Spend months reading about their activities until you can spot the upcoming trend.

It is not limited to what you know how to do. Note this!

8# Your current job can find you good business ideas

businessman, boxes, transport,find good business ideas

Studying a company or business you are not an insider is sometimes challenging when compared to the company you work with.

It is very easy to find good business ideas in the corporation you work for reasons being that you share in the meeting, know shat happens daily, know changes and how they implement.

Now, think of some of the processes that could be made more efficient.

If you are into tech, think of how to move from manual to using technology.

Look for potentials in their supply chain and build in it.

9# Consider what will be required to market your ideas

Your idea is solving problems, good! The question is who and who knows about your service and product”?

If the answer is negative, then hold on with the idea and start thinking on how to target your customers to seeing your service.

You can only smile when you have the right products and it reaches the right audience. I still remember what my dad told me and I quote; “No matter how problem-solving your product is. If you have any idea on how to reach the consumer, then it is not solving any problem”

This means that you should try to make sure your solution reaches who needs it. then you can find good business ideas because they will express their in-depth feeling about their problem hoping you will solve.

10# Think about the problem the world will be facing

This is a no-brainer approach to finding successful business ideas. The world will grow to met your solution in future.

Elon musk has these forward-thinking tactics and I sometimes do wonder where he didn’t put his ideas.

If you have the perception of what will likely affect the future of humanity, trust me people will pay for those solutions in the long run.

Elon perceived these things and founded PayPal, built rockets, submarines, electric cars, and lots more.


If iI was to summarize these content in one word, I will say “study“.

If you don’t know who you are yet, I will advise that you start doing anything. This is the best and fastest way you can detect what you know how to do best.

Don’t expect the best ideas to come in one trial. Failure is one thing that will make you strong as an entrepreneur. When i first study the boutique business model, i thought i will be easy so i jumped in and failed couple of times but i never gave up. now am setting up boutiques for people in different places.

You might avoid starting a business because you are afraid of failure forgetting that Edison failed about as many times as you will not.

New ideas require creativity. You can comment on what

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