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Hello Friends Welcome To Omega Payz

Omega Payz is a Professional Business & Finance Platform focused on college students and new college graduates that are looking for ideas to start up a business and make some money to either pursue a college education or prepare for a master’s and further studies.

We’re dedicated to providing you the best of Business Ideas that resonate with your daily routine, with a focus on dependability, local businesses, online business ideas, careers&loans, Personal finance and people

We’re working to turn our passion for Business & Finance into a booming online website. We hope you enjoy our service as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

If it’s easy for college student to earn money while in school, why won’t you as a graduate, nursing mother, job speaker etc make more?

our weekly digest will give you different business tips and ideas that can make you full time income or passive income as a student or graduate.

Workers take the big chunk of the cake because they do have excess resource to furnish the idea more indepth. And so we will give a befitting business tips to benefit those who has done out of campus.

Omega Payz

“Omega payz”! The name was coined out from the word omega and pay. Since the domain space is already saturated, the need for these two words to come in as our domain name caused us to add the letter ” z” so as to make the domain available.

Who we are and are we here?

We are not just a regular blog or niche. We aim to see you all smile even as a student or graduate. We are committed to making Omega Payz a “one-stop” solution for online businesses, a “go-to get” for ideas regarding business tips, student loans, careers, and a lot more.

Nowadays, people no longer cry for capital to start up a business. You will not be an exemption.

We have seen that lot of students and fresh graduates need to make passive income from their hobbies , yeah! and you know what? we are ready to help you get that done within a twinkle of an eye.

Omega payz will not only load contents for you to read and get sharp or blunt or think about who ever the tom, dick or harry will get you there.

That is one of the reasons we are here as a team.

We will never ask you for money, ATM pin or any sensitive details both online or offline. You have to be very careful when releasing information

Our mission

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Our purpose for this site is to make sure that whosoever comes to omega payz, student or graduate will always have his business problems solved.

You will have in-depth and rich contents in categories like business tips, online business, stocks, crypto currency, forex etc.

Our mission when fulfilled will enhance financial growth to young, old, male and female mostly in Nigeria and across

We also have a space for article writers, nursing mothers and you to make money daily from us. Without the hassle of going under the hot sun just to find money while lectures are on,you can do just fine.

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Omega payz doesn’t not and will not ask you for money, pin, account details, etc.

For further inquiries regarding our policies, visit our privacy policy page