Having a college degree is very good, it gives you a lot of opportunities to secure high paying jobs in any country today but does this mean that if you were not so opportune to have gone to college, you could not also secure high paying jobs? The answer is no.

Not having to go to college by no means does not rob you of your opportunities and dreams of working in high paying companies or industries. In fact presently now, there is not enough gap between the pro college student and the one who did not go to college in the labour market.

It might surprise you to know that a lot of companies out there prefer to employ non graduates than those who has college degrees.

In this article we will discuss about the top fastest rising jobs today that do not need a college degree as a necessary qualification.



There are a lot of jobs today that do not need you to be a college graduate to be employed. The only qualification needed of you would be your basic high school certification.

Does that not sound great? It surely does, because if you are posed with the difficulty of sponsoring yourself through college, this could be a way out for you if you would only come to understand that you do not really need a degree to achieve your dreams. It may also surprise you to know that some of the richest men today do not have college degrees.

Here are some of the fastest rising jobs that you may consider as a non graduate.


Some of the top richest people in the world toady created their path to wealth through being a real estate agent or a real estate broker. This job is one of the fastest rising jobs today in America and some other her parts of the world and the good thing about it is that it pays quite a lot.


A real estate agent is a licensed professional who helps his clients in the selling, renting and acquiring of properties. These properties may range from single plots of land, houses or some household items.

The need for a real estate agent can never be over emphasized considering the fact that there will always be that need for people to rent, buy or sell their properties. And these people who would want to make these transactions must require the expertise of the real estate agent.

The real estate agent serves as a middle man, bringing the buyer to the seller and thereby making the entire work a lot easier for the both parties involved.


If you are looking out for ways to make money as a real estate agent, you can go out there and search for Real estate firms that are ready to employ you for your services and expertise. And just as we have earlier said; these firms do not need you to be a degree holder before they can employ you in their firms.

If you are still interested in knowing how these real estate firms or independent real estate agents make money, then you must understand that they make their money through commissions received from part of the money collected by the seller.


Another fast rising and high paying job that you can find today without a college degree is the web development job. Once you are skilled in the art of developing websites, then you may be on your way to be on the payroll of some of the biggest tech companies in your area.

One of the vital things many people do not know about tech companies today is that a whole lot of them are not after your certification or your degree. What they are after is your capabilities. Can you really do what you are asked to do? Are you really a pro in your field? These are the questions that these companies would most likely asked you when you are interviewing for your desired job.

Once you can prove to your potential employers that you can actually do what they expect of you, or maybe that you can wow them and exceed their expectations, no doubt you will certainly get employed and be earning quite a lot of money.

As an employee web developer, your superiors would bring several works to your table and you would deliver your services to their customers
Being a web developer is one skill that gives you several opportunities; opportunities that may not only confine your services to your company.

You may consider striking deals with your employer to allow you handle jobs from your own personal customers while simultaneously delivering your services to the company’s own customers. This is most advisable for web developers who are seeking jobs in tech companies.

If your company refuses to allow you take your expertise to any other customer except from their own customers, then that also might still be a great thing because they would have to pay you quite higher than the original deal was.

One good thing about being a web developer employee is that, unlike most other jobs that do not need a degree, being a web developer employee gives you a taste of the white collar job rather than the blue collar job well associated with the no degree jobs.

So if you are so confident of your web developing skills, why don’t you go out there and look for some nearby tech companies for employment. If not why not go out there and learn more about web developing.


Do you have this flare for the force? Perhaps you just want to see all the bad guys behind bars or maybe you just want to earn a decent living as a no degree holder? Then one other job you should consider is the policing job

The policing job is a very critical job and you should understand the risks involved in policing. It more advisable for people to go into policing when they feel motivated to do so not just because it is a a good paying job that brings food to eat the table.


A sale representative is an individual who is employed by a merchant or a business owner to be in charge of all sales transactions going on in the company or Industry. Most rich and wealthy business owners do not wish to be the ones to be in charge of the transactions of their own merchandise.

This is because they may be a lot busy with other things or maybe they just like the luxury of complacence and for this sole reason, they employ sales representatives who would be in charge of the sales of their merchandise and be paid at the end of the week, month or year depending on the terms of the employment agreement.

Sales representatives may be employed in several kinds of shops ranging from small retail shops to large wholesale warehouses.
Being a sales representative can be a lot to handle considering the evident fact that you would be in charge of someone else’s goods and would be held accountable if any damage or loss comes to the goods. Therefore, before you think of looking for sales representative jobs, you must be sure that you can counted on to be responsible.

Most employers would only accept your employment request only if you are 18 years and above or maybe of you are not up to the age of maturity, you should have someone who would stand in for you in case anything should happen to the merchandise that you are out in charge of.
Most sales representative employers prefer people who do not have a degree.


In most developed countries the appeal for independent or freelancing electricians has reduced to its nearest minimum. This is because the masses of these countries require something or someone to be held accountable for any faulting or overall dissatisfaction. And for this reason, they require the services of companies which specialize in the fixing of electrical faults in people’s houses.

Though a blue collar job, the job of an electrician is quite a fast rising job today that does not require a degree before you are employed. All you need to do to be qualified is to be able to complete the tasks required of you


This is one of the riskiest jobs you may consider if you are looking for jobs that do not require a degree before looking into into your employment request.

This job is actually a job for the brave hearted because a lot of people have lost their lives in fire fighting, therefore it is good that you do well to understand the pros and cons involved in it. And also to be well aquinted to the safety precautions required of you.

Nevertheless, be rest assured that the fire fighting job is a prestigious one that can put food on your table.


Most carpenters today prefer to look for jobs in furniture companies that staying independent. This is because of the difficulty of gaining a strong customer base. Carpentry work is another no degree job that you can consider.

Degree is overrated in our present dispensation. One can actually get a high paying job today without having to gone four years in the college

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